Breast Enlargement without Surgery: the Tricks of Make-up

  1. Flat neckline? Breasts bigger with make-up right. Cheap, healthy and without any risk.

Breasts too small? But in times of crisis, who can afford surgery? And those that are not at all in favor of surgical intervention they do? Simple as it was once before the prosthesis-mania. Here is a brief guide to make your breasts more prosperous by simply using the makeup, the same products you use to make up your face.

The case of Keira Knightley proves to be one of those cases that fit like a glove to our speech. You will recall that in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was performing a breast not scarce, but you’ll also notice that in more pictures the beautiful Keira has a fairly flat pumps. Let’s see how to get a busty with some little trick.

What you need:

  • Push-up Bra
  • A bronzing of a darker shade
  • Dust or powder clear
  • Powder brush
  • Sponge with corners

Rule number one: the push-up in these cases is a must. You’ll have to fix it for good by bringing the breasts upwards in order to create the roundness upon which we act with make-up. If you have already worn the sweater or shirt, use some toilet paper to fold over the edge of the BRA to avoid dirtying the clothes afterwards.

With the angled sponge from to apply the Earth by drawing a line between the breasts, more or less in the middle of the chest between her breasts, spreading the color upwards, creating a V-shaped line along the natural curve of the breast. If you have your breasts too small you imagination and draw this line so to speak “Freehand”.

Now pour in for good with the brush and then take the powder that you had already prepared and Pat yourself on top of the breast, which is pushed out of the push-up Bra: the Earth gives a sense of depth to the neckline while face powder clear magnifies and helps add volume. Avoided in this shiny powders or brillantinate, the “trick” is to be as invisible as possible. If followed properly and perfected in subsequent applications, this type of make-up should help make fuller, at least apparently, your breasts.