Braised Neck Karbonaden

Although I am really not a pork fan, unless it is in a good smoked Mettwurst or crispy grilled adorns the roast, where I may also like to waive the roast. And certainly not what I like, is a fat Arribas neck Carbonade. “This has always been so and will remain so”, was my full conviction for decades. Until I one day fell out of my faith.

You know other Braised beef roast and stew. Everyone has his own recipe for mostly both or has taken over from the mother or grandmother. The ingredients are known and it always tastes. In short, it can go nothing wrong in the courts. The same applies mostly to roll meat (beef Roulades), which is only hot roasted, deleted with lukewarm vegetable or beef broth, and brought to the boil then for hours with spices and all kinds of ingredients. So far so good.

But has it ever tried someone with neck chops pork (neck karbonaden)? It is a pleasure. The meat skims and delicate, to remember nothing of the fat percentage and the taste hardly be topped.

Neck chops

I believed there for decades now must you briefly FRY neck karbonaden such as Karbonaden or chops just schnitzel. You also can’t let them Pan kidneys or it. You can put them in marinade or buy already inserted (do I find very suspicious, if I don’t see the meat in front of loud marinade), but that you can also burn them, you can learn obviously only happen on the Internet. Although, actually, it’s also logical if you think about even so it.


Best’s stew himself in a pot cast iron *. Who has a normal hot plates or with a ceramic hob stove or cook on a gas stove, can even Grandma’s old cast iron pot * easy use. It is slightly more difficult with the relatively new induction cookers *. Here, the pots must be magnetic (iron is usually), but it also depends on other factors, whether the good old pot for the induction hob * is still usable. As the cast iron cooking pots are so heavy, is today is cooked even though you are still the one or the other in the closet has. Really too bad, because the food tastes better. When the diet is sure instead which meat or vegetables contains the most iron (spinach?-decades of wrong, based on a floating-point error).

Actually nonsense, because you need actually only more frequently in cast iron Cook, suggested by Then the food industry do without even the addition of iron filings, such as in cornflakes and similar products. But the only incidentally. Everyone takes just the Cookware, which he has.


So heat a large pot and fat Bacon goes oil add – or which otherwise so frying on of course. Who wants to fry until finely chopped onions , but then takes it out of the pot before the black and makes the page for the time being, they should be just glaze over and not bitter ruin the whole Court. Depending on the number of persons, a neck Carbonade is required per capita. The purchase of neck karbonaden in the play makes no sense, because the meat would have to be portioned to char and as a whole, it also has a longer cooking time. Tomato paste (no ketchup) to use in frying, also can’t hurt. The tomato may be quiet dark when frying, which enhances the flavor of the meat. Since also the floors of large pots are usually not so big that all Karbonaden fit at the same time side by side, you can fried the meat only one at a time. So, it is some time in the kitchen. There absolutely no buck on it who should rather leave it or are looking for someone who cooks for him. And, if you are smart, binds a Apron *. to, for splashes of grease is to be expected. For searing the meat loses juice that is required for the sauce. So drain and set aside.

When the last meat is seared, also the other pieces come back in the slow cooker and it lets everything together under observation and “back and forth-sort” become hot beautiful. Then the whole thing with lukewarm vegetable or beefwinter (why not) is quenched, because deleting off with cold fluid would meat scare yourself and set. The meat should be completely covered by the liquid. The broth can a repair broth be calm, there is little difference to note is more flavorful. Now even the come fried onion and the gravy to the side back in the pot – very important – prunes. Alternatively you can add also plum jam. You have both not in his repertoire, just something must keep here other for the fine taste: raspberry jam, cranberry glass, or a quarter slab of dark chocolate.

N one has straight is flavored with the spices:such as paprika noble sweet and roses-sharp, alternatively with pepper (alternative:mustard) or a bit of everything. At paprika noble sweet I have always have the perception that there is not much taste. But there is a nice color, what you do without if it has already fried with tomato sauce. Add a few green spices come, depending on what the Spice rack * so stocks. Whether it fits to the meat or isn’t it so most of the time, but we must experiment quiet.

Mushrooms (such as Chanterelles, fresh or canned) given to the meat, the whole Court can stretch something else, if in the short term visit has logged on, which of course eats with.

Now, the whole thing simmering so approximately 60 to 90 minutes away. In the pressure cooker * is of course faster. Mashed potatoes out of the bag – or according to ancient custom is suitable for thickening the sauce: flour or cornstarch in an empty jam jar, add cold water, screw on lid, shake and slowly stir in the sauce (who needs even a mix, if he has an old jam jar). If you want it slightly easier takes sauces Binder (is also not different, just without the jar of jam)

Even the side dishes are variable:it fit boiled potatoes or dumplings, red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Or’s spiral noodles are made or – plain and simple just baguette.

Because this main dish is very powerful, can be be sifts through on a dessert like. For dessert, there are therefore only a good cup of coffee *., so that the full stomach not too worn out.

Meat and sauce left, never mind also, as casseroles anyway just be worth if she cooked for two days or frozen remnants of the well-proportioned.

Enjoy your meal at the delicious main dish.