Bracelet with Karma Symbol

Favorite of the week.My present favorite is a beautiful bracelet with a karma symbol.It has something very mystical in itself and is held in the trend color rose gold.

Bracelet in rose gold with karma symbol

The chic bangle arrived this week as a new arrival in our shop and I was immediately in love.The brace is on the one hand discreet, but the Karma pendant is, of course, the view of the piece of jewelry.The concept of karma comes from the Indian religions and is an expression of the fact that every action (both physically and spiritually) has consequences.These consequences do not necessarily have to manifest themselves in the present life, but can also come to bear in later life (after rebirth).I think this symbol has something very mystical about it and it is worth it to think about it.

For some, the Karma symbol is just a jewel – it looks pretty and spills its own charm.Other wearers, however, choose this bracelet to keep the concept of karma in mind.

Bracelet in rose gold combine

I love jewelry in rose gold.For those who can not decide, whether gold or silver, rosé gold is the best solution.Through the symbiosis of cool and warm, Rosé can also be combined with other colors such as silver or gold.This shade even allows a tricolor color scheme with rose, gold & silver.This bracelet with Karma symbol is therefore a perfect piece for your jewelry box;)