Boot Crew Socks

I’m not going to do. Boot crew socks for big legs can, YES! And is beautiful to prove that fashion rules only serve to make life more dull, chose a different colored ankle boot of the pantyhose, just to get away from the old story “can use, but it has to be the color of tights to elongate” … OOo rabble boring, huh?! You may want to use the same color to get more stretched, of course you can, but that’s not a rule, and the other way around doesn’t mean you will seem shorter, fatter, more-any-thing, OK?

Plus Size Pantyhose

So come on, I don’t think there is really a “how to use”, the look of the day here in question I put in a dress a little above the knee because I found more jovial and, for the boot Brown not rule alone in the black look, combined with a hat. I thought it was a great look for fall, because if you make a chilly can put a Cardigan or a coat on top.

I think breaking the boot of another color served to give a lively in look, which ended up getting super dark. Another thing that I think is worth saying, this beautiful dress is the black version that I used in pink plus size campaign of Marisa (remember) and is the line plus size young of Marisão that is smashing – all very with my face, so my love all. And note that in addition to the cute model, the fabric has this texture of House that makes the play more “rich” and sophisticated, taking the little black basics.

Bootie already has these details with ribbons and braids that also help to leave more full of grace.

Plus size pantyhose

And now a break in the song “boot + thick leg” to talk about plus size pantyhose! That’s it, my people, don’t have another brand that leave me happier than the Wolf, I’d say we’re practically soulmates in the pantyhose. This is EXG, but she is MEGA elastic and maybe give up in who uses 56, because Hey, there’s the long leg and full of elasticity. Mine is 40 wire, but I have one that is 70 wire. The 40 wire surprised me in durability and difficulty of shred (because I’m just a mess with Pantyhose). It’s worth a try!

Plus size look

Well, as I have received requests for looks cheaper and accessible, I took my thing of love to Marisa and I rode the whole look with pieces purchased at Marisão (no, it’s not a publi, is just a consequence of an extramarital affair, see, just the hat is from March 25, as I recall. And believe it or not the price of the entire look, with the boot of leather and accessories, was:


dress (79.99 R$)

+ pantyhose (R$ 19.90)

+ boots (179.95 R$)

+ Paste (19.99 R$)

+ rings (R$12,99)


  = look R$ 312.82

(with the boot of leather and accessories, think!)

Of course, I know that dilmas is still 300 a lot, but considering that with the boots, tights and accessories you can get a lot of looks, I thought that it was very worthwhile. (If you want to tweak more about parts, just click over the name of the piece there on that contained leads straight to the online store link)

Wow, as I said today, I’m excited. Anyway, What did you think of the look? Use the Bootie with the dress? Tell me everything there in the comments

Phew! That’s it for today …