Blue Nail Decoration: 50 Easy Stylish Designs!

Blue nail decoration is among the most popular for any type of manicure. And how it will not be so if this color conveys energy, peace and tranquility in all its shades. Not for nothing is the favorite people.
Just as there are many variants of this beautiful color, many are the nail arts that you can improvise with him. whether you seek something elegant, original or even vintage.
Turquoise, navy, electric blue, or King, are some of the tones being more.
Then relax with the best designs of blue nails as described in that are causing all the rage on the web. All are easy to replicate and will see your hands like the of a star.
Blue nail decoration
When it comes to incorporating the color of the sea to your nails, you have a lot of options that you can include glitter, stones and multitude of ornaments, as well as interesting combinations or figures that make a party of your hands.

Even without any adornment, the different shades of blue tend to Excel in any manicure. As you can see, are not very complicated and have a great style. Perfect for young girls who love to take care of all the details to fix.
Blue nail decoration King
The Blue King is a vibrant and beautiful tone that immediately makes you feel good when you look at it. It goes very well with full brightness or geometric designs.

In elaborate super long nails or short and simple, you’ll love no doubt any glaze that you find with this tonality. The best colors to combine certainly are neutrals and metallics, as they give as a result a very sophisticated effect.
Turquoise nail decoration
For something more soft and relaxed, try the turquoise, that kind of blue with a touch of green that is so bright and beautiful in the hands. More when you combine it with other cold, such as the white and the silver enamels.

Add some fun with stones, glitter in different sizes, moles, transparencies or degraded that they allow you to play. You can also take some of these ideas to get some nails with glamour.
Electric blue nail decoration
A very special tone, between the Navy and the Blue King, is the electric blue, which as its name implies is full of energy and is the King of sophistication.

By itself, with a glossy or Matt finish enamel, is original enough to give you a great look at your nails. And if you try to decorate it with glitter or fancy stones, you’ll get a manicure full of elegance.
Dark blue nail decoration
As well as black, Navy Blue is considered one of the neutrals more sophisticated for any occasion. In fact, it is a great alternative to the mentioned color, if you do not want to feel mourning.

See all the finishes and decorations that you can get with it. From geometric shapes with bright until an animal print metallic, there is no way to make a mistake when using it.
Nail decoration blue neon
For the girls who love fun, neon enamels are still an excellent when it comes to highlight option. Especially if you’re going to go dancing at night.

The neon blue in all its shades is ideal for those occasions moved. Use with other fluorescent colors or acrylic nails to look like anyone, or brightens up your day by painting them with a shiny glaze as that you see here.
Pastel blue nail decoration
Even among the pastry glazes, it is possible to find various types of blue, we love by all the possibilities offered, both combined as separately.

From an original French manicure to geometric designs with a touch of glam, there is nothing like the powdered colors. The blue sky is very sweet and perfect for those days where you need to be calm.
Blue nail decoration and white
Nothing like the white for a perfect combination. In conjunction with the blue, it is possible to make from a vintage manicure to a seafaring or minimalist.

These styles do not need much to stand out. Some easier than others, and for those who remain, only a matter of getting special templates that allow you to obtain perfect figures in your nail art with what is your favourite?
Blue nail decoration and gold
Another winning combination and that is very often, not only in manicures, but on many other sides, is blue with gold. Nothing better to fill you with energy and optimism.

Together, these two colors are a Duet elegant and fun, no matter which shade of blue to choose. And it is that the metallic finishes give anyone an air of elegance that will be perfect in your hands; even with wild designs such as the animal print.
Blue nail decoration with silver
As well as the Golden, the silver is a wild color which gives the blue you sophistication you need, with details painted with enamel, glitter or metallic rocks.

All of these details give a unique glow manicure, in which also uses include neutral colours such as beige, or designs that make manicure a genuine work of art.
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