Blackberry: New Smartphones with Keyboard Should Come

BlackBerry has already withdrawn from the production of smart phones some time ago. The company’s business smart phones have not sold too well, and have had to beat the other brands’ flagship brands. Also in the future, BlackBerry will no longer manufacture its own smart phones.However, the company has now announced that there will continue to be BlackBerry smart phones, even if these are manufactured by other manufacturers.More Options For Blackberry

Similar to the previous Google, BlackBerry would continue to offer smart phones, but this will no longer be produced by itself. As the company announced a few days ago, one would like to develop no new smart phones, but rely on the power of the other companies. As a result, the brand would, of course, have a wide range of technical refinements that could be used for new products. Anyone who is concerned about being so a fan of BlackBerry can calm down. The devices that the company will publish in the future are already very mature and have some features.

No Worsening Of Blackberry Devices

In an interview, John Chen commented on the current situation so that the future BlackBerry devices will not be worse than the previous ones. The fact that the technical development is outsourced to other companies should not have any negative effects on the quality of the equipment. According to Ezhoushan, in the future again smart phones with a correct keyboard appear, which are to be expected to run with Android.For future productions, according to Chen, BlackBerry would not tolerate coincidences and fully rely on quality.