Bike and Farm

1º Bike And Farm

Saturday – Day 05/30/15

One-day event only hits and returns.

Meet at 7:30 pm at the post in front of the Administrative City.

Follow by train to Fazenda do Mocambo, see map.

Arrival, receptive, breakfast, trail kit distribution and stretches.

Departure: 9:00 am.

We will have 2 scripts:

Route 1: Easy Level (28 km) on roads around the farm.

Script 2: Advanced Level (40 km) beginning in the woods and then the 28 km.

Support: in 2 points, in the woods and in front of the house of Mr. Kitty.

The stretch of forest is new, therefore, without many bikes that have passed. A beautiful forest with diversity of biomes and large trees. Technical exercise, short curves and few climbs. It is advisable to use the cuff.

The stretch of 28 km is all on dirt road and little traffic.

Attention to the main path.

The Fazenda do Mocambo with its preserved interior. The old farm, the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição (deactivated), the eucalyptus forest and the horses of the neighboring farms. The place where the old port of the Rio das Velhas operated.

This is a place of historical importance, for there they passed Borga Gato, the English Mr. Chalmers (superintendent of the Mine of Morro Velho), Sir Richard Burton, the Danish Peter Lund, the French Saint Hilaire and many others.

End of the pedal, lunch at the Mocambo farm. Forecast: 15:00 hs.

Free return.

Value: R $ 150,00 per person.