Best Equipment for Surf Fishing


David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store.

Today we bring you our best offers in combos of articles for surfcasting. Follow the links for more information!

Fanatyca Surf Fishing Equipment

We present you one of the best fishing equipment in our store. The Slam Surf Fishing Team. This is a combo of rod and reel for Surfcasting more versatile, because in addition to adapting to different conditions, you have it in our web at an unsurpassable price and with free shipping, it is firstly the cane of 3 sections Fanatyca Surf of The Yuki Brand.

Made of lightweight carbon (617 grams) with a worldwide patent called “Glow Concept Light” that gives it a bright, bright and luminescent green color on closed nights, making your night sessions more comfortable, while its semipolar action is Adapts very well to different species whose strength oscillates between 150 and 250 grams, also has low Rider SIC rings resistant to corrosion.

Secondly, we include the powerful Yuki Multi-Brake Kymo Surf 8000 reel, which is not only designed for surfcasting but also for boat fishing, so you can use it on many occasions, this reel is made of extra-strong graphite It makes it unalterable and anticorrosive, in addition it comes with 3 coils: one for fine lines, one for intermediate ones and the last one for thick lines, (from 0.20 to 0.50).

To top it off, the design of this powerful equipment features an ionized aluminum handle and ergonomic handle that greatly facilitates the collection.

Surf Edition 2 Fishing Equipment

The Surf Edition 65 Fishing Team is aimed at those looking for good quality at a flexible price. Ideal also for those who fish occasionally or are starting in this discipline, as we offer the incredible cane Evia Surf Edition 4.20 meters with semi-parabolic action that supports between 100 and 200 grams .

It is made of fiberglass, which gives it rigidity and resistance to corrosion, also has double ring and a ring with inverted outlet for a stable flow in the line, for comfort is folded in 3 sections of 145 centimeters and comes With door spools.

The design of the rod is impressive and takes great care of the details as well as its companion in this fishing combo, the reel Iridium Edition Surf 65, whose finishes in gold are beautiful.

This fishing reel is very light and one of the most competent and reliable on the market, has a powerful micro-adjustable brake, technology of 9 bearings, balanced BRS rotor system, wire guide over dimensioning, capacity up to 260mt with 0 wire, 20mm and many other impressive features. Do not pass up this opportunity the reel comes with an extra reel !.

Free Shipping for the purchase of this fishing equipment for Surfcasting.

Kuroi Surf Fishing Equipment

For the most demanding fishermen here we have a high quality and high performance Surfcasting Reed and Combo combo that will surely meet all your expectations, starting with the unmatched Yuki Kuroi Surf 3-section Reed, which is manufactured In the best carbon of high modulus, that makes it very light and resistant to the corrosion and the blows, in its ends you will find the ergonomic handle that helps to the stability and adherence in the throw, and the hybrid tip that allows to detect the bites with Greater ease. This rod is one of the favorites in the market thanks to its maneuverability and sensitivity, in addition to its rings with technology Sea Guides anti tangles Low Ride of Fuji.

The second team is the unbeatable AMG Surf reel, ideal for surfcasting and also for boat, designed by the prestigious brand Yuki in an attempt to manufacture a product of the highest quality, taking advantage of materials such as high strength refined graphite and other materials Unaltered and anticorrosive materials such as ionized aluminum and carbon. Its body is kept sealed and is extremely light thanks to its hollow tubular handle, also incorporating 3 coils for different types of line.

With the purchase of this combo you are getting a special discount, if you buy separately, and will also be sent free of charge to the door of your house. Take advantage now FREE SHIPPING!

Fishing Equipment Iridium Slam Surf

This Surfcasting combo has everything you need in a single click, starting with the majestic Slam Surf 4.20 Yuki, three carbon sections, 100 and up to 250 grams semiparabolic action, low rider rings and hybrid toe, accompanied by New and powerful Iridium Edition Surf 65 spool made of extra-light graphite and additional coil.

This fishing reel is equipped with progressive micro-adjustable brake, thread guide and extra thick pick up. Its design is striking, beautiful and ergonomic. If you want a reliable, powerful and economical reel, do not hesitate.

In this fishing equipment we also include the Gorilla Surf Surfing thread of high performance and neutral color, coiled by us in the reel in diameter 0.18 mm, as well as other elements necessary for your day: 4 Leads barilla of 120 grams; Yuki mounted line bass, ideal for Surfcasting or boat fishing, which come with hooks, emerillions and pearls bonded in Seaguar fluorocarbon threads; A Safu tail of the Yuki brand, alternating its colors throughout its 7 and a half meters, in red, orange, fluorescent and crystal

We also included in this fishing equipment a pack of 10 units of Eyre emerillions of the brand Yuki, quick hook, used for competition. Finally, this combo includes a pack of 10 units of mounted hooks of Sasame Chinu  in a gamete of two meters.

Remember that by buying this combo you will have your  Free Shipping to all Spain.

Fishing Equipment Surfcasting Energy Surf

This combo of cane and reel for Surfcasting offers great benefits at a really low price, first we join the Unica Energy Surf of the Yuki brand, which facilitates the throws at great distances making you look like a professional of competition, since it is Lightweight, high carbon carbon fiber for a total weight of 635 grams and features SIC rings.

The total height of its three linked sections sum a total of 4.20 meters in length, achieving a semiparabolic action that supports between 100 and 250 grams.

And for your convenience folds up to 1.50 meters and comes with DPS reel holder.The red color of the reed is in perfect harmony with our second element of the combo, the Yokozuna Ryoshi Surf reel, one of the favorites in the market, thanks to its 3 extra reels, ideal for the Surfcasting competition.

The reel is lightweight and resistant to oxidation, it also has an oscillating spindle axle system and a large adjustable adjustable micro brake. Get them now!

Tyca Surf Night Fishing Equipment

FishingCosmar brings you an irresistible Surfcasting fishing gear, especially suitable for night fishing.

Firstly, the lightweight and powerful Tica Galant Long Cast GBAT 1000 W reel is a true beauty of white and red, whose fluidity and speed are considerable (114 cm per lap).

It has a special graphite coil for competition and a brake capacity of 7 kg.

Its yarn capacity exceeds 250 mt with 0.14 mm threads and its ergonomic handle can be adjusted for both right-handed and left-handed.

Complementing this reel, we offer you the wonderful Yuki Fanatyca Surf tubular rod of 4.20 meters, made of high modulus carbon and glow concept luminaire, a Yuki patented material that shines during the night hours and facilitates the fisherman’s vision, Allowing you to detect the movements of the toe more easily.

With it you can reach extremely powerful sets and work with a very flexible action between 150 and 250 gr.

In this combo of Surfcasting could not miss the Tubertini Gorilla Surf wire 0.18 mm , which we deliver it winding directly on the fishing reel.

Scepter Slam Fishing Equipment

A versatile, beautiful and efficient surfcasting combo. At PescaCosmar we have put together two pieces of high quality that complement each other perfectly, even in color.

The Tica Scepter GF 5000 reel is a lightweight and ergonomic piece made of aluminum with coatings that protect it from the sun and saltpeter.

It has a powerful front brake, and an anti-tangled roller thread guide will amaze you.

Its weight is balanced and its ambidextrous crank makes it comfortable for anyone.

It also incorporates a special teflon coil for competition.

The second piece of this magnificent surfcasting combo is none other than the renowned Yama Slam Surf 4.20 mt. Whose design is product of the recommendations of the best fishermen of the world.

It consists of three sections made of high modulus carbon, and whose semi-parabolic action fits the most difficult battles. Their Low Rider Sic Sea Guides are of the highest quality, as is their DPS reel holder.

There are already many fishermen who have been 100% satisfied with our products, join them and Take this fishing tackle home at the lowest price on the market!

Shipping is free for you.

Remember that if you add a bobbin of thread to this order we rewind it totally free.