Before and After a Nordic Bedroom

One of the tasks that is most rewarding when it comes to give a new look to your House is to transform a Bedroom-disaster into one beautiful and to invite to rest. It is what it is. This before and after a Nordic bedroom will help you get inspired.

A few days ago he gave you some idea to renew your home with small changes. He said at that time and I repeat it now: before you begin any change, walks. When you see the pictures you’ll understand better.

Nordic bedroom

Take a walk and remove everything that should not be there. From that pad that takes months telling you that this is not your website until that mirror on the wall with an impossible framework. And by her since orders. So I tell you, in bold type. There is nothing that gives more feeling of chaos than a bedroom messy and full of things.

They seem obvious, but you Would astonish if you saw how many bedrooms need little more than order and a coat of paint to be appetizing.

Holly marten, responsible for this before and after and the Avenue Lifestyle blog began the renovation of this bedroom getting rid of everything that was left. As you’ll see it was much.

If you look at the pictures, you’ll see that it has disappeared all what was left. Two containers for soiled (here would need to include the icon the whats App surprise) have been replaced by a basket of natural Fibers. A beautiful Chair of Nordic design occupies exactly the same place as one outdated (and Clumsy). A mirror that for more you tried to never going to coexist with the chest of drawers on which rested, more than dubious taste wall decor… everything out.

We will now see those small changes that get great results. Bedside tables without personality and handles fashioned out. Instead a mid century and current leather handles-inspired furniture.

There are better ways to enjoy the wedding photo, the little baby feet and hands cream. The first two insurance that have great sentimental value and no one would want to get rid of them. But your website in this case clearly is not the wall on top of the bedside table. For the cream of hands I have it clear, your website is well Ordered inside a crate.

Here you can see some images than this before and after a Nordic bedroom is completed. A look at how to detail we have managed that change.

Isn’t it that now you have come forward to give it a twist to your bedroom?

Until Wednesday!

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