Because It’s Official: Apple Will Manufacture Their IPhones in India

Is no longer any filtration or a rumor as a result of Tim Cook talks and representatives of the Government of the country: the own Minister of technologies of the information of the State of Karnataka has confirmed to Bloomberg that Apple will manufacture iPhones in India. Specifically in Bangalore, one of the most important cities of the country.

The chosen supplier to manufacture them is Wistron Corp., a Taiwanese company. Now that iPhone sales are declining around the world while that in India There is opportunity to grow, Apple could not have chosen a better time to make your phone there same.

Presence shy today, huge opportunity for tomorrow

In concrete terms this translates into 2.5 millions of iPhones sold during the last year. It is little, less than 2% of the market share and the tenth position in the list of companies that more phones sold in India. But the most important thing is that there is opportunity for growth: expected 750 million phones from today will be sold up to the year 2020.

Apple has not said anything on the matter, but it is known that you between what they have agreed with the Indian Government figure help the company if it decides to change supplier for the reasons that is. In Exchange, 30% of the components of the devices that are sold in India must be made in the country.

Apple is also expected to open the first official Apple Store in India thanks to that agreement. The manufacture of iPhones will start to become a reality next April.