B’Cxy – Maternity Clothes and Breastfeeding

A few days ago I told you that I had found a brand of lingerie for pregnancy and lactation, buenaza, remember? Today I’m going to tell a little more. The brand was created by Claudia, a mommy like us, that was boring to use the typical underwear of lactation, without grace and uncomfortable, that at the time of using them you end up removing all because but you go up one side or you are low on the other, you click here or there and not you is nothing. The same thing that I went when he was breastfeeding Luciano. So he decided to design a lingerie that is nice and one that fits the needs of a modern MOM and was born B’Cxy. The straw of this brand, it’s youthful, comfortable and also allows us to feel sexy, due to the design and models of the garments.

In pregnancy, our usual underwear lets us stay by the simple fact that everything grows, literally! and breastfeeding need rather than us comfort and freshness when it comes to breastfeeding, which will make us and our babies that are comfortable, so it is important to use the proper underwear as described in pregnancy attire. For me, this brand has been one of my best discoveries in this stage.

Among the products that have are tops… the master!

With this heat, (not to mention pregnant sorry three times stronger!) I don’t know about you, but I will not tolerate any clothes! I wear them with a skirt and I am super cool at home and when I go out only I have to get a pole up and ready, not have snaps anywhere, are sporting, super comfortable and fresh style. Cotton is good-natured. I’m using it right now in pregnancy and I’m sure it will be one of my must in breastfeeding, due to its practicality.

Halter model is more sexy with lace, has neckline above so it is necessarily for use with a polo short sleeve (not shredded), elastic bottom is accurate, broad, you lift and shape you bust, giving adequate support, do not have those uncomfortable skewers, or anything like that, so it fits perfect tailored to your body especially the growth of the breasts in pregnancy and breastfeeding and has a snap to open at the time of breastfeeding. What I love about this model is the sensuality that gives us and it seems to me important to feel well with ourselves at the moment in that we are more sensitive than ever by the physical and emotional changes that we are going through. In addition, our husbands are going us to thank, usually at this stage they pass to the last, and should not be so? 😉

Also have briefs and pajamas, cotton with lace, designed for the same purpose, give us comfort and freshness, highlighting our sensuality.

Did you like them? You can find them in his Showroom of Groove, appointment, or in stores lion heart and baby Atelier, also make delivery to all Lima the most not? :)… And what do you think? We managed to get 2 TOPS for you, so they’re very comfortable.
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I am sure that you will love it, as well as a my!

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