Basketball Game Rules and Regulations

Basketball was originally an American team sport for men.Basketball is now played around the world by both men and women. While basketball is played throughout the country and for both men and women, there is a National League. In this article, the rules of the game will be explained.


Basketball is a team porto: each team has five players in the field, and it is up to five replacement in the regular season. These are also called bank players. A match lasts 40 minutes, divided into four equal quarters. Between these quarters, the teams meet to catch their breath and discuss tactics. Substitutions can be during the rest between quarters, but also during the match. This must be submitted to the stewards.
The attack begins
The match begins with a hope: it is these players around the center circle and each team is a player in the circle. The referee throws the ball up and in that moment, try the two players in the circle to dump the ball to a teammate. At that time the race has started and can start the team with possession of the first attack. When a team is on offense, trying through teamwork to score by throwing the ball through the ring into the basket. Trash is a sign with them a ring with a mesh. On the plate is painted a square. When the ball is thrown against or on the square, the probability score higher. This method of scoring is easier than the ball without touching the Board by throwing the ring. The ball can be moved with a pass or dribble. Players will also ensure that they can receive the ball, they should be free. It allows rapid changes and schijnbeweginen, but by doing so they can help each other. They can put a block: with this technology you are trying to stop the defender of your teammate.
Pick the score
An attack can end with a point, a mistake, or because the opponent has the ball intercepted. The score is normally worth 2 points. However, there is a half-circle on both halves of the plan. When from behind is scored, then scored three points value, a three-pointer. When made a mistake by a lawyer, there are three options:

  • The error is made under a points system try: when the player tried to score two free throw worth a score;
  • The error is made at a time when they are not trying to score: the attacking team gets the ball and can once again put in play the ball from the sideline;
  • The error is not made for a score tries, but the defending team has made too many mistakes: each quarter, each team can make only four errors. Then the free throw is awarded to any additional errors that are made there. These free throws are worth one point each.

It is also possible that the attacker makes a mistake. In that case, the defending team ball or two free throws when the attacking team has a failure rate.
Basketball is not only the score, but also defending as a team
As a lawyer trying to avoid opponents score. For it can be selected as a team a man-to-man defense or a zone defense. In a man-to-man defense, each one his own opponent where he is responsible for. During the Defense trying to get it to ensure that the player can catch the ball, pass or score. In a zone defense all have their own area in the secure back home. As a player, you are then responsible for all opponents in your area. There are different configurations are possible, such as 2-1-2 or 2-3. When the football is defended in a similar way.
Bastketbal was originally a non-contact sport. In practice, however, there are a lot of body contact, but with rules laid down what is and is not. You may not shoot or beat, but with the back of his hand to keep in contact so that you feel where your opponent is allowed. For example, if you press it, you will get a personal foul. For each player you can make 4 mistakes per game. In five personal fouls, you have to change and you should not participate.

The players ‘ positions: Guard, forward and centers

Before the attack, the players enter the field is assigned a game mode. Typically, a player in his team every match the same function. This is because the positions were demanding their own qualities of players. The five players are allocated between the three modes of play varies. The basic situation is that the head guard in a State, and under each side forward. Underneath, then each page a Center.Depending on the composition of the team and tactical choice by analysis of the opponent, for example, it could also be that there are two switches, one on each side. You often see that each page a forward State, but they are somewhat lower. There is a center that is trying to make itself received the ball in the middle of the frontcourt.
The functions of the various players positions are generally:

  • Guards: they are responsible for the build-up play, known as they are also called playmaker. The attack begins in General on guard and dribbles the ball to the frontcourt. That’s what this sees an opportunity to a teammate pass the ball or to score themselves. Guards are often the smallest player on the pitch. It depends on the speed and balbehendigheid for these players is the most important.Moreover, they are often less this position with the Board, where all the players are so guards have more opportunities.
  • Forwards: guards, the ball is usually best suited to forward. This is because the distribution of players on the field, but also by the attacking qualities of the forward. Forwards are often abusive because of the stronger players. The score relatively easy from a distance, but can also be in one-on-one situations, go to the Board to score. They can also decide by playing the ball toward the middle or back to the guard or other forward.
  • Centers: centers closest to the basket. The centers are often the tallest players on the field, but it is especially important that they are physically strong. Under the sign because it is often busy, and therefore, there are more people who, for example, tries to steal the ball from you.

Terms of basketball terms that have been not yet addressed

  • Pivot Foot; the interest of the country held by the player with the ball. The other foot can be done to maintain ample space to pass the ball to a teammate. When turn the foot is suspended while the player has the ball, “walking”; the player makes a loop-error.
  • The second dribble, a player dribbling and then grabs the ball and then dribble again. In basketball, you can’t go to dribble a second time.
  • Lay-up: a score moving with the ball after the dribble is picked up and brought up in two steps to score.
  • Rebound: the ball thrown by a player against the basket in an attempt to score. However, there is no score and the ball bounces back: when you have the ball picks up the return.
  • Cost: an offensive foul.
  • Backdoor: a situation where the Defender kicks in a nicely. An attacker without ball pretends that runs along the side of the field that will be released and to receive the ball, but with a speed change to inside and therefore is free to receive the ball.
  • Give and go: a situation where the attacker with the ball the ball to a teammate to make the basket and immediately rushes to get the ball back and make us.
  • Bounce pass: an application method in which the ball on a bounce on the ground to the second player is thrown.
  • ?? “Off”: a ball is when it’s over the line touches the ground, it is possible that a player holds the ball on the ground, in the air over the line, When a bad pass. It also be that the ball in the air hovering over the field lines around zondar a player touches the ball. The ball must once again be thrown by a player inside the lines. You can if you have long arms, but generally with the help of a jump in the air. The person and the ball floating over the field lines as long as both have no contact with the ground, this is allowed.