Ballerina Fashion Trend

One against the dancers is a crusade that is fought for years: on the one hand there are people who hate and consider the most ugly shoes that exist in the world, there are other women who continue to prefer them to any other type of footwear because they are comfortable and practical and adapt well to any kind of outfit.

That like it or not, the dancers continue to be one of the great must the female wardrobe and find ourselves in the collections of major brands and trademarks low cost even for next season.

What to choose in autumn view? In stores and on the e-shop of various brands you will find everything: Pointed ballet shoes with ankle strap and lace-up slingback. That’s the cutest models to wear to return from vacation.

Dancers pointed

Simple and versatile, the classic pointy dancers to show off both ladylike look that with more sporting outfits. You can find solid models together like those of Parfois , Zara and Mango and proposals with colorful patterns as the dancers striped Asos.

Ballet shoes with ankle strap

Very refined the ballerinas with ankle strap. There are simple models such as H & M  andZalando and proposals with the most original details like the glitter of Asos (€ 25.99) or those with animal inserts Parfois .

Tick dancers

Perfect in these last weeks of summer, the blunt dancers. On sites such as Zalando and Sarenzaare many models and many of these are still on sale!

Ballerine lace-up

The fashion addicted most hardened can not not buy at least one pair of lace-up dancers, are the shoes of the moment. The famous dancers who are tied at the ankle, launched last season by the most prestigious brands, they appear even now in the collections of major fashion chains low cost. To Asos, Stradivarius, Mango and Zara are very nice models affordable.

Slingback dancers

Even slingback dancers are one of those models not to be missed in Autumn view. What are? Do not be intimidated by the name, they are nothing but the dancers with a closed toe and heel discovered. They are elegant and feminine and are perfect to add a touch glamor to your look.