Tips on Scholarships for Women’s Notebook

Walk with the notebook is the terror of the women who want stylish floor, after all, how to load a tumble of those without compromising thevisual?

I’m glad there are bags of all kinds and colors, special for  notebook  and that match any look. And very important: do not seem to be scholarships for notebook. After all, in all Brazil, violence is way out of line, and nobody wants to lose a notebook so right, so who’s with him, is because you need to carry important information and more valuable than the computer itself, are the data contained in it.

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For each situation has a different bag.

If you need the notebook just for going to College and need to download many other materials together or do you go straight to the gym, you can opt for a backpack with specific fund for the notebook, this isn’t like notebook bag right.

If you do not need to carry many other things together, you can opt for a little one and more cute, which is not actually a purse, it’s a cover, but has the same function, in this case, since it has a handle, says if this pattern is not super-romântica?

For situations that call for a less casual look, you can use a black folder which is more discreet and in the case of folder below protects more in case of a fall or impact than the cover above, she is super practical because you can put in this external Pocket other things like pen, calendar, cell phone, etc.

If you can’t compromise the visual and have to walk always elegant due to the nature of your work, you can use a bag that doesn’t even look like they’re notebook bags in tow and combine with any outfit or suit.

We can’t forget those bags for notebooks super creative, for who loves show style and draw attention.

Look at this here too, a jukebox!

Girl, I doubt looking fast you realize that is a bag for notebook… I think the thief not too lol

The prices of these scholarships range between $10 and $500, and the cheapest are usually only covers or cases that can be used as grants and the most expensive can be used as suitcases, got wheels and are of excellent quality. You think easily on the internet at stores like Ricardo Shopfacil and Electro, Tecnomidia.

If you are not very adept at shopping online, you can find these bags at stores such as Le Postiche and Bagaggio, or the more cheap you think up in American stores.

Now let’s do some very important tips on how to use, after all, it’s not because you need to charge your notebook and has a beautiful bag for that that you will walk all unmatch’d. The notebook bag has to be in tune with the rest of the look. Avoid using the shoe of the same color.

The style also influences your choice, after all, if you’re past 40, although I am going to use the bag in a relaxed atmosphere, you don’t have to choose a pink bag pink with pets.

Just like, if you’re very young, but already working in an Office, there’s no need to use an ultra serious scholarship.

What did you think of the  models of bags for Notebook? Comment below!

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