Handbags Trends Spring Summer

The bags are indispensable accessories in any season, would complete the looks.In addition, they are also very important for women who need to carry your basic items, especially those who spend many hours away from home. Know what are the main trends in handbags for spring/summer 2014:

Let’s start talking about the models of handbags via BAGLIB that promise to be very successful in the hottest season of the year. Among the main bets are the “doctor bag”, a kind of bag that resembles the briefcases used by doctors for years ago.They are structured and in median size, perfect for use in everyday life.

In addition to the “doctor bag”, “bag” type bags, who have done much success a few years ago, are returning to the top of fashion. This is a type of bag too pretty informal, just like the above template. Are great for everyday occasions, because they let the visual stripped and maintain comfort.

As for the shades, the 2014 summer comes, bringing to the trends characteristic white color, which is heavily in the pockets, in addition to the citrus tones, such as pink, Orange, green and turquoise. Metallic tones must also make an appearance, along with the prints of animals such as Leopard and snake. In addition, the grants on most common shades, such as black, Brown, beige and caramel follow strong, as always, as are traditional.

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