Bags For the Office – All Trends and Tips

Must it be because always black? This question we confront or we hear again and again. The answer is: no! Although timeless classics are announced – for example the white blouse in the oversized look to the leather leggings, tube or Boyfriendjeans. Or what about our beloved pumps, of course in black (matte and lacquer) or in red, nude and grey, we love classics. 

Still I can not imagine, to go with a classic Briefcase in the Office. There are so many wonderful alternatives that are at least not look at first glance like suitcase or Briefcase. We have the ultimate tips for the perfect bags for the Office!

Bags of ABRO – the Alternative to Classic Briefcases

What for example about the bags of abro? These are hand pockets with clean cuts and quiet colors. Black still taupe or Siena there. Even the black models look not dusty. Details such as braided patterns or sophisticated closures provide a special eye-catcher and also the Pocket shapes are particularly accentuated. The advantage of reduced abro bag collection: The jewelry pieces fit perfectly to the different outfits, are everyday but also suitable for the Office and the wonderfully soft leather is the best basis for a long friendship.

If you prefer it a little more classic business bag, I put the bags by Picard to the heart. Here is my favorite busy, there is not only in black but also in red or yellow, just something else… Still a very cleaner look in the-style of pockets of business – color but definitely a highlight!

For Everyday and Office – the Perfect Business Bag Can Do Both

Applies also for men: one (s) back pockets and the bears with more courage for new shapes and colors. Cognac is a real alternative to the classic black. Decide which bags for the Office you are wearing, is allowed, what I like and that is customary in the industry. Creative pockets are in demand in a creative profession. Have a look the best in our Business Advisor , find it all what you need to know about the Office bag, tips and tricks, a shopper as well as various checklists.