Backpacks For Use With Suit Without Losing The Style

A challenge for those who work with formal attire is to find a bag that fits the visual without making the set lose in elegance and style, after all, the idea of who work like that is just always be impeccable in the corporate environment or in the presence of some important client.When we choose a backpack to accompany the suit gets even more complicated, because the accessory is generally designed in sports versions to pair with a custom or even an outfit more aligned, although casual.

The good news is that many brands–the outside Brazil at least-I’ve noticed this deficiency and fueled their backpacks with models whose cool minimalist design is aligned to suit style, recalling the suitcases and folders for years accompany the executives, but do not meet all needs, since not always satisfy those who need to carry gadgets , documents and books to clothes to face bad weather or stop by at the gym after work.

Tips To Choose Without Fear:

Choose between the black and the brown leather, which are more sober and discreet;

Try to avoid the intermediate tones (Beige, Brown or reddish color of honey, for example) and those backpacks whose leather is worn or stained, because although beautiful, the effect leaves the piece very informal;

Pockets, patches, badges, stickers, seams and zippers in excess leave the bag very polluted, the best is that externally it is clean and classy;

Watch aged or rusty-looking hardware, this can be cool in a casual piece, but here the best is to stay between the silver and the gold;

Much volume is also not something very desirable, so you should look for something that can load a lot of stuff, but intelligently, without trimmings, useless spaces and leather;

The more structured models looks more professional and organised, in addition to passing a modern look.

Featured Models

I’ll start with something closer to our reality. These two bags are fromZara and cost R$229,90 each. Synthetic leather (unfortunately), but the design is very sophisticated and the internal space can accommodate a lot of material. For those who cannot spend too much, is the best option that I found within the proposal for something to use with formal attire.

This is the Mulberry, is made of leather, has compartment for notebook and lets you change the handles to turn a tote bag. The problem is the price of $1,590 + plus tax! –

This model is classy and discreet is British Leather Satchel co. and 120 pounds (approx. 700 reais + taxes) can be your. The bag is made of leather and the site still allows you to choose hardware and write initials, among other options.

This American designer backpack Lotuff is made of leather, has two internal divisions and can be used as a tote bag. The price is $ 1,300more fees and charges.

The Killspencer is the author of this backpack with appearance a little closer to the conventional, is not ideal, n my opinion, but still elegant.She has a separate Division for the notebook, it has waterproof zippers and is made of leather and suede. The price is $650, not counting shipping and import fees.

Direct from Belgium comes this versatile bag of Ruitertassen (tip from one of ours readers). The model was designed to be used as suitcases and backpack, depending on your need, produced with Belgian and leather notebook compartment has two pockets, zipper closed by partition, a handle to be taken in tow and two others for it to be placed on his back like a backpack. The price is 199 pounds (about 1,200 dollars) + taxes.

This is a Balenciaga, well she is a Balenciaga one of the most luxurious brands and sophisticated in the world. 6,655 real costs on the websiteMr. Porter.

Are you selling on Etsy, a Web site that brings together small shops and brands from all over the world. Is made by hand, in Italy, has a more slim format which can be good if you’re not a fan of carrying much volume out there and has a reasonable price compared to most models cited above: R$538,85.

For $240 you can buy one of my favorites! Made by Dr. Martens (the one with the amazing boots!), polished leather, metal buckles and front pocket and handle to be charged as a tote bag.

Note: you do not need to buy any of those, but it’s good to get a sense of the available templates to use as a reference when you leave your demand. Remember that for some companies only the folder is acceptable as an accessory to upload documents and personal objects, but there are already those who accept a backpack clean and sophisticated by pairing with the costume.