Lara Croft GO on Offer with a Discount of 80% Discount on Google Play Just 0.99 Euros!

For just 0.99 EUR We can buy the winner for best game for mobile devices from the Game Awards 2015. It will be available for a very limited time Lara Croft GO with an 80% discount. He will soon return to cost 4.99 euros. Lara Croft GO It is one of essential Android games that …

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Traffic Rider for Android, Feel The Adrenaline as You Draw in This Game of Motorcycle Traffic

The creators of the popular Traffic Racer launched a few days for our devices Traffic Rider, its new commitment to the genre of racing which is still a hit, getting more than 10 million in a few days and an average score of 4.8 stars. Traffic Rider offers us a spectacular motorcycle racing game that …

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Sweet Or Sour: 8 Eerie Skull Watches

Watches with scary factor, suitable for Halloween! Dark and wild, risk-taking and dangerous: The new watches do not shy away from anything. The stuff made from the Hollywood myths, is now also the stuff to be made from the clocks. No matter whether werewolves, reptiles, Batman or eerie skulls: what is currently happening on the …

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Rovio Launches Love Rocks, The Puzzle Game Starring Shakira

The creators of Angry Birds they have allied themselves with the singer Shakira to launch a new puzzle game for mobile devices. Rovio brings us Love Rocks, a curious puzzle that we have that combine gems a very addictive way. In Love Rocks starring Shakira assumed in the first game with game mode ‘drop 3’, …

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2:0 for You with Chronos and Watch Magazine

Complete a subscription during the EM 2016 and receive two issues! For our team, the European Football Championship 2016 is unfortunately already over. But you can extend the beautiful time beyond today’s finals: If you complete a subscription of Chronos or watch magazine today (July 10th, 2016), you will receive two issues free of charge.

Children’s Day: Check Out the Best Games for Road Trips

Take advantage of the children’s day to hit the road is an option beyond interesting, since it is a type of program that unites parents and children. However, to be that special moment that pleases the whole family, you need to take to plan for it all works out. Spend hours and hours in traffic, for example, …

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How to Make a Professional Makeup without Leaving Home

If you also drool in the look of celebrities or actresses in soap operas, but you never get the time to put on makeup, your problems are over! We have separated for you some tips for you to make a professional Make up without having to go to the salon. Professional makeup at home.

Birthday Party: Let’s Celebrate!

EBAA happy birthday here iuppyyyy. Many mothers spend months planning the party for their children, if occupying every detail. You need to decide what food to serve, you drink choose, which produce decorating theme, if you have toys or animation. The hassle is great and seems to have no end. After all, who’s mother knows how important it is …

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How to Install Recessed Spotlights

The built-in spotlight has many advantages. For example, installed on the ground, it diffuses light sweet from top to bottom, this light direction is favorable for activities frequently and does not sting the eyes by its glare. In addition, given its way of installation and its size, recessed spot occupies very little space and don’t mind …

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Geek Decor: 4 Tips for Using through out the House

The geek decor is aimed at modern people, who seek a custom home and relaxed.Simply, we can say that the geek world is one that covers the comics, movies, cartoons and other cult elements. Take this universe in the House is to make sure of a home creative, young and cheerful.If you are in love with this …

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Note: the Lamp by Luminous Flux

You are one of those who takes the first fluorescent lamp on the shelf, without giving too much attention to what is written on the back of the Pack? Know that on the reverse side there is as important as the information you get in front of the Pack as the power comparison of fluorescent …

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Which Bag Use: Perfect Size for Each Biotype

Which Bag Use – Perfect Size For Each Biotype The stock market is a necessary accessory for women. The whole look has a full scholarship, but which bag to use? What goes better with me? To address these questions, split up some tips on which bag to use or choose, which one goes better with your biotype. Have …

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Tips on Scholarships for Women’s Notebook

Walk with the notebook is the terror of the women who want stylish floor, after all, how to load a tumble of those without compromising thevisual? I’m glad there are bags of all kinds and colors, special for  notebook  and that match any look. And very important: do not seem to be scholarships for notebook. After all, in all Brazil, violence is way …

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