At The Request of The Parties, Apple Would Have to Answer The Tax Unpaid Since 2003 in Spain

A representative of the Congress Party number has requested the Spanish Government claim to the Apple company for taxes not paid in the country since 2003. According to a report published by Yahoo Finance, Congress It would have also requested to investigate other multinationals that he would have possibly implemented similar methods to evade taxes in Spain.

According to the media, the Committee on finance and public service discussed a proposal among the mixed group (Compromis) and the PSOE and citizens calling on the Government to account in the Congress on the actions of Apple to comply within a maximum period of two months. The initiative went forward with 21 votes in favour, 14 against and one abstention.

In this way, the Commission approved the establishment of a Subcommittee for an assessment of the measures that can be taken to apply domestic legislation in the next six months to fight against evasion and avoidance of taxes by the multinationals. Also according to the Compromis Deputy Ignasi Candela, “would not be understand that the Government ask for an effort to tax thousands of citizens and the same did not do with companies that can make fiscal engineer for not paying taxes”.

Yahoo Finance also stated that this recent initiative on the case of Apple includes in addition to establish effective and dissuasive sanctions against executives of companies involved in tax evasion. This is how, for example, raises the possibility of revoking professional licenses of workers and companies that you have designed systems for aggressive tax planning or tax evasion.

The application of the PSOE in September 2016

This is not the first time that parties are pronounced on the subject of taxes that must pay Apple in Spain. In September 2016, the Europa Press news agency said that the PSOE had requested the Committee on finance and public administration calculation of the money that the Cupertino company would no longer pay in taxes for its activity in Spain since 2003, In addition to asking the start of procedures to recover them.

This initiative was born after 13,000 million euros fine plus interest by the European Commission to the Cupertino firm, after checking is that thanks to an agreement with the Government of Ireland, Apple put profits by 1% since 2003, reducing that rate up to 0.005% in 2014.