Asus P750

Equipment  the P750 works with the latest version of the operating system Windows Mobile 6 by Microsoft. According to easily exchange files with a PC worked in the test. A single charge lasts out with heavy use of the phone for 30 hours. Operated by finger pressure or stylus across the screen, but also via the keyboard. In addition to a GPS system are also a 3.15 mega pixel camera and a MP3 player in the mobile phone integrates. navigation and data connection  phone contacts via Wi-Fi, so, can be saved this money at Internet hotspots. The built-in GPS receiver ensures the positioning. Maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is supplied.

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67 mobile phones Leaderboard: mobile phones conclusion  In everyday mobile the P750 cuts a fine figure: SMS or emails are quickly typed with the stylus, mission-critical applications can be quickly called up. There’s even a text-to-speech function for incoming texts. Exemplary: The navigation system includes the built-in GPS receiver, maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also spoken driving instructions are available. Unfortunately, the phone is somewhat large and heavy.

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Asus P750 works with the operating system Windows Mobile 6. According to easily worked the exchange of contacts or appointments with a PC. But also in everyday mobile the P750 cuts a fine figure: A battery charge filed with intensive use for 30 hours. The operation is at your fingertips on the large display or via the keyboard. There is twice the menu view: click on the Windows icon opens the somewhat confusing Windows display, a much better structured menu can be activated via ASUS starter. (Old mark: 2.23) Per order this product at Amazon Wi-Fi-capable GPS receiver built-in maps for route guidance (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) car charger included with contra included very large and heavy no mark of editorial photo light does not exist user rating now write a