Ask Manolo: Smelly Jackets

bought some second-hand jackets at a flea market. the problem is that they still smell like old sweat after dry cleaning! What can you do?

Hi Mile
To remove the bad smell is not easy. We have previously referred about vinegar, but because the jackets are not something you run into the washing machine, we have come up with a new way.

Try to do like this:
Hang coats in a closet or some other fairly limited space.
Fill a glass halfway with vinegar and place in a Vettextrasa.
Set the glass in the closet and close the door.
Let it be in one day.
Hang out sports jackets on airing until they do not smell like vinegar anymore.

Hopefully now the smell is gone. If not, there is another thing you can do, but it requires a little work and certainly some persuasion.

To remove odors from cars and other places use ozone. Call to a bilrekonditioneringsställe who perform such treatments and ask if your jackets must go with. Ozone is great when there is up there in the atmosphere, but down here it is a very toxic gas. Therefore, it is something you can’t do at home.