Ask Manolo: How Tall Is Brallan?

In some jeans are just a measurement (e.g. 29) instead of, for example, 29/32. 29 when both measure at the waist and length or how is it?

So here is the situation.

Usually in jeans, enter it exactly as you say both a waist size and leg length measurements. 29/32 means you have a pant that is 29 inch waist and 32 inches in innersömmen on the pant leg and that you are long and narrow.

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If there is only one size, such as 29, it’s waist circumference is meant.Then it’s just like with most other trouser models. You have decided that a certain waist size should mean a particular leg length. In other pants have simply decided that the size small means a certain waist size and leg length.

As with other pants are the most important to find a pair that is bite-sized waist and not too short. Then you can in fact add up your pants. With jeans, it is not quite as simple as with pants of thinner fabric. It requires a special sewing machine, and because the seams on jeans can be seen more than at most other pants requires a special thread.

Such special sewing machines are not at home, but there are those who have and who can help you for a small fee.
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