Ask Manolo: Cool T-Shirts?

Thanks for a good blog! Needed really. 
I have been checking some online for t-shirts, but I dare not really because it is becoming too much work if it becomes wrong with fit, etc. To my question: 
Is there any place in Stockholm where they sell t-shirts, fairly cheap?

Thank you in advance

Hi, and thanks for the estimate.
Stylish t-shirts are always difficult. Most are ugly. Then there are those who are good and those who have nice press. If in the unlikely event that you find one that both fit well and has nice touch, it’s probably not very cheap. But hit yet, or tell us where to find it.

Should you find okay t-shirts in Stockholm at a good price, I would first of all tell about second hand stores. Where can you really make real bargains. Otherwise, of course of course H & M a whole lot of t-shirts that are not at all stupid. Check out the Chamber with Divided (blue patch on the neck means it is Mr collection).

Today inside Topman, Topshops Mr Department, a new men’s collection by designer Ziad Ghanem which seems cool. We can only hope that it eventually pops up in the Mall.