Arm Party!

I’m sure you’ve heard the fashion Arm Party! The term was virtually created by blogger Leandra of The Man Repeller–great blog, with a point of view very disrespectful! She says that a woman is only happy if your arms are doing a fthis, i.e. full of accessories! And for that, you have a single rule: mismatched!

It doesn’t matter if they are the bracelets handmade type, bracelets of Hermés, friendship bracelets, shamballas, decenários… it’s just put it all in the wrists. The trend is so strong that I don’t know of a blogger that has not yet acceded, chiefly the gringas!

Some references and ideas of how you can make the Arm Party! Can be all handmade as the first photo, flashy bracelets and bangles of two laps, many friendship bracelets with Rhinestones and colorful pendants varied, combined with clock. are many possibilities!

The coolest of this trend is that you can use as you see fit that will give an up in visual with pouquissímo effort and style! I take this post to inaugurate, officially, the Fashion Frisson Store! A store that is practically an extension of the blog in fashion accessories of all kinds: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bracelets, chains, and more!

With this proposal, I created a virtual store always tuned in all cause frisson! Are pieces in a few units to ensure your uniqueness and all linked to the trends of the moment. Best of all: you can buy at home.

And to enter the trend Arm Party, made a selection of some handmade accessories to inspire you! The bracelets are adjustable and fit in all kinds of ticks! Are all exclusive of Fashion Frisson Store !

And for the bloguetes that didn’t notice: the right side of the blog has a virtual store application that shows the parts, including the price, it’s just click that you are redirected to the Fashion Frisson Store!

Go bet on Arm Party?

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