AR Magical Battle, Defend Your Virtual Tower of Hordes of Monsters Increased

The augmented reality It has become a visual claim used to offer new interfaces when developing applications. Although there is still much that improve attempts to create initiatives that turn on this technology and games continue to emerge and today we talk about one of them: AR Magical Battle.

Under this title as they gather together two somewhat trite topics. On the one hand the aforementioned reality augmented and on the other the tower defense. An idea exploited over and over again with proposals of all kinds. It sounds little novel, but the truth is that it works well.

The formula is good: use the mobile camera to move through a virtual stage while we eliminate creatures trying to stalk our virtual tower, located on the trust mark that previously we have to print.

Visually the game complies with a paragraph simple 3-d chart but very attractive. Flat textures give a nice cartoonish tone and we really don’t need more to work, since it also tries to reach many users, not just those who have a high end Android device.

The only downside is that at the moment the game is only compatible with Samsung devices. In fact, it is only available in the application of the Korean company store. This is because its creator is participating in a championship of Samsung apps and want to try win it.

However, as it says on their official website, later released on Google Play game by what if we already have a Galaxy can sink his tooth.