Apple Will Expose The Photo Gallery ‘ One Night on IPhone 7’ in Spain Next February 1

The Apple company returns to the fray with one of the successful campaigns of promotion of the iPhone marketing. It is of ‘ One Night on iPhone 7’, a gallery of night photos captured with the latest Apple Phone, It will start standing out in the streets of 88 cities in the world from February 1.

‘ One Night on iPhone 7’ is the result of a joint effort by dozens of equipped with an iPhone 7 photographers, who met during the night of November 5, 2016, for portrait differentparts of the world.

According to a press release from Apple, the artists portrayed from dusk until dawn, capturing more than 50,000 photos and videos. The idea of this exercise was to use the advanced capabilities of the iPhone 7 camera and iPhone 7 Plus working in environments with low light.

“With the stabilization of optical image, an aperture of f / 1.8 and a six-element on 7 iPhone and iPhone lens 7 Plus”, It is even easier to take photos and videos with low light”, said the firm’s Cupertino in his press.

The pictures of this campaign were featured by Apple, from the caves of ice in the Arctic or the volcanoes of Indonesia, up to the night life in Johannesburg or the roofs of Shanghai. Apple said that this singular picture gallery, reflected in large billboards, It will expose the pictures in the streets of some cities in 25 countries of the world. Since then Spain is among this group, so from February 1 we see this great exposure through the streets of Madrid.

Three features of the camera of the iPhone 7

In addition to sharing some of the images that will be a part of this campaign, the Apple company made reference to the following three qualities 7 iPhone camera and iPhone 7 Plus that make the difference in night photography.

  • Greater openness of diaphragm. The opening of f/1.8 allows entering up to 50% more light sensor compared to the 6s iPhone, which enhances the ability of taking quality photos with reduced light.
  • Optical image stabilization. This feature reduces blurring caused by movement and the trembling of hands, thanks to a built-in sensor that counteracts the movement.
  • Flash Quad-LED True Tone. This quality is set at automatic, intelligent manner according to the color temperature of the environment, achieving that photos come out sharp and bright if you opt for the use of the flash.