Apple Watch Sales Didn’t Take Off, Says American Press

While the iPhone continues to sell like hotcakes “– were almost 75 million units sold in the first quarter of 2015-intelligent Apple Watch watch continues drifting, according to materials published in the American press. Although Apple has not yet released official figures on the Apple Watch, u.s. consulting firms have made estimates based on the performance of retail chains and e-commerce stores that sell the appliance. And the results are not encouraging.

According to the reports, the consulting firm Pacific Crest Securities reduced its estimates: 10 million units sold for 11 million. For the year 2016 the expected drop is even greater: from 24 million to 21 million. “Our evidence shows that, after a strong start, the demand for Apple Watch is diminishing quickly,” says analyst Andy Hargreaves, in a report to the company’s customers. According to him, the reaction of consumers to the product have been varied: “there is a strong fashion, but many end up using the product only as a calculator. In terms of amount of searches, the demand is less than that of the iPod, “he says.

Other companies also are not confident in sales. The Swiss Bank UBS has reduced in its initial forecasts 23% sales, which were in the House of 31 million units after a year of marketing the product. In a report, the Bank says that the consumer interest in the product is only 20% of that was shown at the launch of the iPhone in 2007.

The Apple Watch is one of the company’s bets in an attempt to reduce your reliance on smartphones. Having your marketing started in April, the basic model of the device costs $349 in the United States. For the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, Apple Watch is the “most personal device” ever created by the company, because it allows the user to make calls, access email and social networks, monitor physical activities and make bill payments. Here at Top-engineering-schools you can get more different models and styles. The device has a battery that lasts for 18 hours.

The consolation for Apple is the iPhone’s performance is surpassing expectations – the product answer today for almost 70% of the company’s revenue.  In the same report, the Pacific Crest Securities raised forecast your units sold – 236 million in 2015 and 218 million in 2016. However, Hargreaves does a warning that demand for iPhones may be coming close to your pico-most high income consumers must have the product until the end of next year. From there, sales growth will depend on the ability of Apple to steal market share from competitors like Samsung or to capture the interest of customers in new versions of the appliance.