Apple Steps Toward Energy Self-Sufficiency: It Will Build a 200-Megawatt Solar Farm

Towards fully sustainable energy of the Cupertino is increasingly paved and that the manufacturer has just announced an agreement with NV Energy for construction of a large solar farm that food the company data center in Reno, in the State of Nevada.

This plant would have a capacity to generate 200 megawatts and the large solar Park would be ready in 2019. Apple seeks addition 5 megawatts for the future local consumption of traders and residents in the area.

All powered by clean energy

“We are proud to play a key role in helping to meet the energy needs of Apple,” said the CEO of NV Energy, Paul Caudill.
Apple, for its part, insists that this measure heading them toward the exclusive use of renewable: “investing in clean energy is vital for the commitment of Apple to reach 100% renewable energy in the course of our operations,” said Lisa Jackson, responsible for the signing of the Apple environment.

Those of Tim Cook not only will get feed its operations exclusively with renewable energy, but they also extend it as far as possible also to its suppliers. Remember that Apple has also provided logically feed completely with clean energy its brand new Campus 2, building a large solar Park to the effect.