Apple Receives The Prize Louis Braille by “Good Accessibility” of Its Devices

With any other manufacturer had to pay a fortune on software and additional accessories to use mobile without vision. Apple does not need to buy anything other than the iPhone, you pay the same money that anyone else spends.

These words, spoken by a blind Assistant in one of the events of the CampusMac almost ten years ago, they made me understand how it was possible that Apple had become the leading brand for all users with vision problems. All these users need already is integrated in iOS, just need someone to activate it. And that is why no wonder at all that Apple you have received the Louis Braille award to keep that attention in its accessibility.

Apple Watch as “the first accessible wearable”

Thank you for honoring Apple @ASBPhiladelphia with the Louis Braille Award. Proud of our team ‘ s dedication to #accessibility. our site/mnAGD8EUH5

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) January 27, 2017

Between the merits of the individual to receive the award, the associated services for the blind (or ASB) mention the Mac as the first platform of the story included a reader on screen. Also point Apple Watch as “the first accessible wearable” and iOS as the first operating system mobile and touch to integrate accessibility solutions.

The own Tim Cook has posted this Tweet award celebrating and congratulating the engineering team responsible for accessibility in iOS and macOS. Jordyn Castor, Apple engineer blind at birth, It has been present in the delivery of the award which holds the prize in the image of the tweet. Of course, our congratulations for them.