“Apple Pay Is Wonderful,” The Chain Target Commends Payment System

Those who use daily Apple Pay do not stop praising the benefits of pay with a simple twist of the wrist: without removing or wallet or mobile, and in a matter of seconds. And these advantages do not seem to have gone unnoticed for the giant Target in the United States, which has announced with fanfare that “Apple Pay is wonderful.

Is not a toast to the Sun free by Target, since the signing of superstores has been one of the most reluctant to sign up to Apple Pay Cart, and for a reason: they already have their own payment system, but it seems that finally they will point to the famous twist of wrist of the Cupertino.

In fact, everything we know thanks to an isolated tuit posted by the company on account of support where we can literally read:

“Apple Pay is wonderful! We are working to have this technology in our stores. We will enter the 21st century soon!”

It’s great news for users of the platform of payment in that country; in the rest of the world continue resistances by banks to give their arm twisting and acceptance of conditions of Apple. United States Apple Pay already is the system most popular mobile payment in the country, and with promising figures for the future.