Apple Pay Is Already More Mobile Payment Platform Used Us (And Not Us Surprises)

Apple Pay seems that it is finally taking off with force after about a little timid early, and it is already supported by 36% of retailers in the United States, and what is most interesting: 22% of them will accept payment through the platform in the coming year. According to figures published by NFC World, the platform would live a great expansion in the coming months.

However, Apple Pay is already the most widely used mobile payment system in the United States, followed very closely by PayPal, which is already accepted by 34% of businesses in that country. Samsung Pay for its part remains in sixth place with 18% of the shops claiming to support this payment.

By multiplying the number of users

Among those who still do not accept Apple Pay, as we have pointed out, nearly a quarter of businesses think to incorporate it in the next twelve months, while 11 per cent said that it will do so before three years. 31% of respondents are still undecided and will “wait and see” what happens in the future before supporting this payment platform.

The truth is that data does not surprise us, especially seeing the sensational that is the experience of payment, but also because it was the own Tim Cook who announced that Apple Pay I was multiplying the number of users at high speed. How much is growing? Some estimates calculated that a 50% in 2016. And this is just the beginning.