Apple Music ‘Steals’ a Key Executive of Spotify: The Responsible’s Relationship with The Record

Is trafficking in a covert war (or perhaps, not so much) in the world of music streaming: the entry of Apple Music has revolutionized this market and their numbers already impressed having already 20 million subscribers. In this sense, the relationship with labels It is key in a service of this type since that determines to eventually its catalog.

The last movement in this battle have given those of Cupertino was one of the most important figures of his rival, Spotify: the person responsible for the relationship with the record companies. Steve Savoca has joined the ranks of Apple Music doing the same job in Spotify.

A key charge

As it has been learned, Savoca signed by Tim Cook last January and will work from the New York Office. The Executive will focus on the independent firms and international markets, according to Business Insider has leaked. This signing will surely going on-line plans of Iovine, who doesn’t want to just have the same catalog that Spotify.

Savoca, for its part, was the first American employee of Spotify and account with one extensive experience in the world of music, having previously worked on several record labels. What are the steps of Apple Music to mark the differences?