Apple Moved Its International Headquarters from ITunes to Ireland on February 5

Apple wants to simplify things with their businesses further than the United States, and at the same time it seems that he wants to make it clear that their Irish headquarters are going to remain there even though the European Commission attempt to undo the deals that the company has with that Republic.

The gesture that makes me say all this is the moving of the headquarters of international business of iTunes to Cork, Apple, which already has offices that manage European operations. So far, and since 2004, the headquarters has been present in Luxembourg. The motion will be effective February 5.

Better taxation for a division that never stops growing

How, moving is not for the tax advantages that will presumably have to that branch of Apple working from Irish soil. And all who have content for sale on some iTunes Catalog do not do nothing, starting last September all revenue that you do should be doing is from Apple Distribution International. That is, Ireland.

The international headquarters of iTunes is in charge of the business of this division of Apple in more than 100 countries, None of them being the United States. And now that Apple services are gaining benefits and becoming another great pillar of the company, the offices of Cork will have much more value.