Apple Joins Other 96 Companies in The United States in a Formal Opposition against Trump Immigration Ban

Almost one hundred technological companies of the United States have signed During these days a formal opposition against the Executive order of President Donald Trump on immigration. A letter to be presented to the United States Court of appeals.

This paper involved a total of 97 U.S. technology companies, among them besides Apple to Google, Microsoft, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, and Intel among others.

Why does this opposition?

Temporarily prohibiting the citizens of countries of Muslim majority (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) to enter United States, order Trump on immigration is one of the more contentious decisions of the new Government. This affects not only the society itself but also to technology companies, which have a large staff of immigrants and provide significant value to the sector.

Technology companies have a large staff of immigrants who provide significant value to the sector

The document indicates the following:

The order represents a deviation of significant principles of fairness and predictability that have governed the United States immigration system for more than fifty years. Order dealing significant damage to business, innovation, and us growth.

Last week it was circulating the network a so-called draft of a letter that were preparing to Apple and other technology against the order given by Trump. Supposedly This formal opposition is the result of that letter that is has been drafted these days.