Apple Insists They Abandon The Traditional Computer with This New Campaign of The IPad Pro

Apple sells computers, but wants you to know that the future for general users is the iPad. And for this He wants to convince you that the iPad Pro is the perfect replacement for your old computer with Windows, releasing four ads with arguments targeting alleged users of Twitter who complain about something or have questions about the iPad.

You can see the first of these videos just above, in which a girl is afraid the virus and Apple responds that iOS is completely free of them Thanks to the protected and closed the App Store ecosystem.

Giving where more matter: “But on the iPad will be able to use Word?”

For me the most important campaign video is this one, which highlights that Microsoft Word is still compatible with Microsoft Word (and any other Office application):

I am a fervent supporter of that dependence that many people have a Word is absurd and can do everything what you ask with Pages Google Drive (or even with the same notes of iOS) if I estiráis, but the customer is always right. And the reality here is that There are many people who do not conceive of moving to a Tablet because they believe that they could not use Office. So Apple wants to eliminate that feeling of root.

The two videos that are attacking the connectivity of the iPad Pro and the advantage that has being the replacement of your Windows PC:

There is no virus, it has no Windows but if you have Office, connects where you want and it is better than a PC. These are the weapons that teaches us Apple for its iPad Pro so that you stop buying computers, even if those computers are Macs. You will fail to see if this coming month we will see developments in this regard in a keynote, or if everything is denials rumors.