Apple Finished Recording His Series Planet of The Apps in Hollywood

A source who has preferred to remain anonymous said to MacRumors that Apple you are done rolling your serie-documental called Planet of the Apps. Even the set of recording that the company would have been built near Hollywood already have it would have removed.

We learned about this original series of Apple in the middle of July 2016, in which Jessica Alba will be shown as a mentor. At the beginning of November it was learned about the casting to select several developers, that they may be chosen tell your story in one of the episodes of the series.

“Steve Jobs would have been proud of that set”

The source says that Apple has implemented the same MIME and stubbornness in the design of the set of filming than with any other product of the company:

Apple built and destroyed the set at the end of the recording. It was absolutely beautiful and done in a way that had never seen by any competitor. Very “tech chic”, with very beautiful decorations. Only Apple could have done so. It is very, very well done. Steve Jobs would have been proud of this set.

Some details that we know about Planet of the Apps is that also appear more mentors like Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwyneth Paltrow, and The selection process will not be reduced to something like what we see in many realities in which the candidates play it is in front of the judges, and it seems the host of the series is going to be a celebrity that is kept secret for the time being.

The prize for the winner will be 10 million dollars in investment and prominently for the final application in the App Store

It has paint that will be a contest in which the developers will fight for a top spot, since the prize for the winner will be of ten million dollars in investments and prominently for the final application in the App Store. And of course, it won’t go bad to get great quality in the catalogs of Apple software.

MacRumors bet (and not see him Loopy) that Apple You can officially announce the series in his WWDC event, where precisely kneaded the bulk of its worldwide platform developers.