Apple Announces New iPhones And Smart Clock

SÃO PAULO-Apple announced two new iPhones and your smart watch in your event held on Tuesday, 9, at the Flint Center in Cupertino, in Silicon Valley. Called 6 6 Plus iPhone and iPhone, smart phones have screens larger than current devices and bring news in processing, camera, battery and resolution.

The event began at 2:00 pm with much anticipation about what Tim Cook and its employees could present to the world. Rumors pointed mainly to the launch of a watch, seen as an opportunity to leverage the wearable market. And the rumors were correct.

A clock … Finally

Called Apple Watch (not iWatch as speculated), the smart watch announced by the company is a large unit of health and physical activity “. Have Sapphire screen, four sensors on the rear that collect user information and a choice of models, with bracelets in various colors.

Apple Watch screen is touch, but is also sensitive to the pressure-which allows you to perform different functions. Through it, you can talk with the voice recognition system, dictate text and receive messages.

The usage is totally different from the smartwatch clock models available, where the functions are accessed by passing the finger until you arrive at the destination. Apple’s clock, all applications are on the main screen, and can be reached by turning a side button.

Through the Apple Watch, you can control music, photos (although the device has no camera), maps, calendar, among other applications. It also integrates with the new Apple Pay (see below), allowing you to perform payments only approaching the terminal clock collection.

According to the company, the clock can only be used in integration with iPhone as described in device functions, including older models as 5, 5 c and 5s.

The Glances feature (“peeking”) shows the relevant notifications of applications and vibrates when a new message appears. It appears when you run your finger on the screen of the watch from below.

The company also announced the WatchKit, third-party developers create applications for the clock.

The Apple Watch will cost from $349 in the United States and will be available from the beginning of 2015.

Two sizes of iPhone

As speculated by the press, the new models come with 4.7 and 5.5 and screens are called, respectively, 6 and 6 Plus iPhone iPhone. Both are larger than the iPhone 5S and 5 c, which have four-inch displays.

Prices of iPhones

The values of the new phones for the North American market, within operator plan shall:

iPhone 6 Plus

$299 (16 GB), $399 (64 GB) and $499 (128 GB)

iPhone 6

$199 (16 GB), $299 (64 GB) and $399 (128 GB)

With that, the iPhone 5 in the country is going to cost $99 and 5 c leave free, always tied to a phone plan.


The resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus increased compared to previous models. Your screen is Full HD 1080 p, 1920 X 1080, equivalent to 401 pixels per inch. 5S and 5 c iPhones come with 326 pixels per inch. The iPhone comes with 6 X 750 1334, with 326 pixels per inch.


the iPhone 6 has 6.9 mm thick, while the iPhone 6 Plus has 7.1 mm. Both are thinner than the iPhone 5S, which has 7.5 mm.


The iPhone 6 Plus guarantees 24 hours of conversation on the 3 g, while the iPhone 6 manages 14 hours.


The devices come with a new A8 chip, which the company claims to be 13% lower and 25% faster than the previous generation of gadgets.

Operating system

The new handsets come with the iOS operating system 8. The new version of the system will be available on the day 17 September for iPad 2:00 pm front and iPhones 4S, 5S, 5 and 5 c.


The two smartphones come with eight-megapixel cameras. Also bring a autofocus feature what promises to be two times faster than the current models.


The iPhones are compatible with no less than 20 or 4 g LTE frequency bands.

Tilt sensor

The new M8 chip utilizes a barometer to measure air pressure and calculate time. With that, you can calculate distance and elevation. Apple said that Nike is developing a new version of your application to physical activity that will take advantage of the new sensor.

Mobile payments

The NFC payment system, present in many models in the competition, finally comes to iPhones, through a new feature shown by the company called Apple Pay. The user can include credit card data in iTunes, which then transfers them to the application of Passport documents.

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