Apple Announces Event on the Day 9 March: Apple Watch?

Apple just sent the invitations of the event possible official launch of Apple Watch, that’s how various media of the United States published this afternoon.

Among them, as Business Insider, Wall Street Journal and The Verge, tell us who received invitations to the event which will be held on March 9.

Not confirmed, but probably will be even the official launch of the Apple Watch with date of sale in the United States and some European countries. Will be in this same day we meet the official prices, which initially were of U $349 (aluminum model) and also more details about Apple’s first smart watch.

The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts in San Francisco-California, same place that gave way to other important company releases.

The “tag line” (catch phrase) of the event this time is “Spring forward” that would be a clear allusion to the “clock”.

Apple kept prices of Apple Watch in secret to date, but we can speculate that will be varied, because of sports and luxury models, like the 18 k gold. Still, with good variety of bracelets that can increase an extra value to the product.

The Apple Watch will be the first “new product” post Steve Jobs, will be the first time that Tim Cook and your team will show something revolutionary to the world, with total certainty this day will generate great stress whereas the market works on basis of these releases.

Many analysts said that Apple wouldn’t be the same without Jobs, they were correct, but made a mistake in the forecast as the company live your best time of economic history, worth twice the Google, for example.

In the next few days began to run on the internet many rumors on the finished products, it is common in this pre-event phase leaked much information.

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  • Which the maximum value in reais that the firm would pay for a product like this?