App Overview: Play and Fun with the Camera of the Iphone

Colorful variety guaranteed…
Photos shot, videos shot, all contacts captured, business cards and texts scanned and slowly it gets boring? The camera of the iPhone or the current iPad touch allows even more variety away from the dreary business everyday. How about a round Sudoku and a few self-created 3D photos? With the help of the iPhone, it is even possible to safely deflect UFOs. Or rather sit comfortably in the good room and read the newspaper in a completely new way? Following is a list of some interesting apps.
Sudoku grave (v1.7.7/free/1.59 euros ) and Sudoku Scanner (v1.1/free/79 cents )
Move, bored and the neighbor spends his time with solving puzzles that could have been solved but like yourself? No problem, with these two apps you photographed an empty field, the pre-set numbers are detected – quite reliably – automatically and can start the puzzle. Too bad I find that there is a function for automatic solving, which could take the game fun in the case of the case, if the solution is only a few tabs removed. This function should have been reserved for purchase versions.

3D Camera (v1.5.1/free/1.59 Euro )
Allows you to capture 3D photos without having a “real” 3D camera. It takes some time and effort to get the right spin. The purchase version offers several advantages compared to the free version. For example larger images, 3D photos can be saved in the photo app, the photos are not provided with a water mark and many additional options.

Look Up (v2.0/79 Cent )
“Space Invaders” in the wild. The joy of the game, however, is diminished somewhat by the fast and hectic flight maneuvers. But maybe they really fly when they visit us? Then we should already practice once for the emergency ;-). A note: This version is only for the iPhone 3GS, for the iPhone 4 and the current iPod touch exists with AR Invaders (likewise 79 cents in the App Store) an equivalent variant.

ARSoccer (v0.7/free )
What does a soccer player who does not have a ball to “hand”? He takes this app and trains with a virtual ball. There is an arcade mode, free play and different balls for variety.

Junaio-Süddeutsche Zeitungsmagazin (v2.5.2/free of charge)
The newspaper becomes multimedial: not only as with “The world compact” by barcode, but also by photo recognition. Which activates the appropriate videos, blends the speech bubbles with the thoughts of the person depicted, gives 3D effects a little depth and can solve the puzzle directly, where you are always puzzling. But junaio offers more, as the already presented Augmented Reality Apps can be subscribed to various channels and let hits to these live display. For a full range of functions you have to register at junaio.