Another Set of Complaint for Foxconn Conditions Becomes a Google Play, in a Permanent Save State

Apple is known for removing apps from the App Store according to your convenience in wins, mostly lass resulting them uncomfortable to its reputation as a company. Some time ago a game that denounced the conditions with which are manufactured mobile phones, either iPhones or androids, was published in iOS, but it was subsequently withdrawn and moved to Android. Now this history is repeated, but focused on the Foxconn suicides with a touch more grotesque than the previous.

This time it’s the game In to permanent save state, game that recently withdrew from the App Store by unilateral decision by Apple, and to follow with his particular method of protest has just arrived at Google Play, which expected to not be eliminated from one day to the morning. This game is not much fun, because the environment is grotesque and serves as a complaint to factory work conditions.

With a very particular aesthetic, this game shows us the later lives of seven factory workers who committed suicide, as it is based on real events. A 2D game that seeks to impact the consumer and make us think its worth a haunt so many people by a few objects of consumption.

in to permanent save state Version 2.2

  • Developer: Benjamin Poynter
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 0.77€
  • Category: Games

Those who assemble the dreams of this world now have their own at a cost.
To brain, fantasy driven application about events that are true and currently exist. In a Permanent Save State is a game that falls into the category of ‘serious games’ evolving or if you will ‘games for change’. The interconnected narrative it tells sheds nameless perspective upon the Western spectacle vs. the Eastern dream. Furthermore, you have to root in cultural truisms which defines the aesthetic and faith for those involved. There is an effort made to deconstruct these notions and the video game form itself. Those who assemble the dreams of this world now have their own at a devastating cost. Android front-end for Wikipedia Mobile Encyclopaedia. Languages currently supports the Mobile edition of Wikipedia in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French.