Airsoft Rules and Regulations

As with all sports also apply on the shooting Airsoft laws and regulations. Especially since it established a form of shooting is that there are strict rules. Each person is to be expected that these rules are respected practiced airsoft, but what the laws on airsoft followed? Since January, 2013, legislation has been Airsoft and it has become a legal sport in the Netherlands. Below are the rules for the use of airsoft sports, but also the values that have been treated here are expected to take into account more.

What is airsoft?

Before gone deeper into laws and regulations first defined what is Airsoft. Airsoft is a shooting where biodegradable pellets are a airsoftapparaat. A airsoftapparaat is a replica weapons for air, gas or spring force shots with a maximum output of 3.5 joules. It may at any time simply by people who were shot and dead things. The shooting of animals is prohibited. In addition, airsoft only played in a designated place with the consent of the Dutch interests Airsoft Association.
The places where the sport of airsoft can be exercised, it is good and often in places where ” ordinary people ” can’t just walk by. This is to prevent accidentally killed people in an airsoft field that has no idea what happened, and may be in danger.


Within the Airsoft sport is high-tech replica weapons used, which can be distinguished from the outside of a real gun. That is why it is so important that there are rules for safety. Airsoft, safety first.Playing shooting sports in a fun and useful way is expected to follow closely the airsoft athlete safety rules. Not only the students, but also for fellow players.
The first safety provision to all disciplines airsoft is that it is required to wear approved eye protection. They often used the shot glasses, but at least the Glasses that have been tested to stop the biodegradable balls. When playing airsoft eye protection should be set only in a security zone.This security zone is illegal to walk around with a loaded magazine airsoftapparaat, should be removed before it goes into the security zone.
As has been described is a glory shot power limit of 3.5 joules and in addition, there is a minimum range in some areas. This event can vary but usually this distance is five meters. Within this distance cannot be shot at each other. Often then made a pang-line so there will be no spark, so you just need to direct their airsoftapparaat and call pang. The exact instructions will always be interpreted at the beginning of an event for the whole group of people who come to play.

When Airsoft should be played?

In order to play airsoft in the Netherlands, there are some special rules.
The airsoftbeoefenaar has:

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • For airsoft approved a communication on good behavior
  • A passport photo which meets the requirements of a Dutch passport photo
  • Membership in a recognized airsoftvereniging in Netherlands NABV.

Other rules:

  • Airsoftapparaten has a shot power limit of 3.5 joules.
  • Members of the NABV must give their airsoftapparaten in a locked suitcase, pouch or bag.
  • Members of the NABV should store airsoftapparaten at the address indicated in the passport of the NABV in the right storage hardware. Home maintenance and testing of airsoftapparaat allowed, but only from the view of neighbors and local residents.
  • The licensed dealer must keep records of airsoftapparaten who buy airsoftapparaten. Often when you buy a airsoftapparaat made a copy of the NABV membership card, so take it together.
  • Transport as usual with weapons: the shortest route, which culminates in a suitcase or bag. BB and layers do not need to be transported separately by law. The layer should not sit in during transport.

Members of the NABV may specify either airsoftapparaten, provided they are registered with the airsoftvereniging. When airsoft athlete on his way to an event, this should not in uniform to avoid confusion with real uniforms. It would just happen to you on the road suddenly comes to a car full of weapons and people in military attire.
Although there are many rules, most are simply logical that a Dutch citizen. As long as the rules are followed carefully, it is a great sport to practice.