Airlines Still Do Not Charge for Baggage

Since last Saturday, April 29, 2017, airlines are authorized to sell tickets without the minimum baggage allowance. That is: They can charge a value for passenger transportation and other value for baggage transportation.

Despite the judicial determination, however, no company began charging the luggage franchise. The best destinations contacted airlines to know the positioning of each on the recent judicial decision and what they say about the initiation of charging for the transportation of luggage. Check out:


According to the company’s advisory, Gol is reevaluating the subject internally and as soon as there is a decision to communicate its customers. The rules of dispatch of baggage are still the same.

In March, the company had announced the intention to sell cheaper passages for passengers travelling without dispatching luggage, in addition to creating a light fare, which would offer smaller prices to travel with only hand luggage. Even if you chose the new fare, you could hire the luggage dispatching. In domestic flights the suitcase of up to 23kg would cost R $60 at the check-in desk and $30 if it was purchased in the self-service channels and agencies. Already on international flights, the value would be $ $20 on the counter and US $10 in self-service and agencies.


Through its advisory, LatAm Airlines Brazil said that the luggage rules remain unchanged and their passengers will be duly informed about the changes through the official channels of the company.

In March, the company had informed that it initially would not charge for the transportation of baggage, but in this year the new rules of the company should be put into practice: the charging of R $50 by the first 23-kilo bag shipped by passengers on domestic flights. The second same weight suitcase would cost $ $80. Excess weight would leave between R $120 and R $200. On flights in South America, all the passages would continue including a 23 kg suitcase at no cost. For Europe and the United States, the franchise would decrease from 2 suitcases of 32 kg to 2 bags of 23 kg.


Blue’s advice only reported that the company will follow the Abear’s position on the recent judicial decision and which is still assessing the subject.

In March, the Blue had announced that it would keep the current prices for passengers who choose to dispatch luggage, but would create a new cheaper fare option for those travelling only with the suitcase, which would allow up to 10 kg.


The Avianca reported that it will retain what it had announced in March this year: the collection of the luggage franchise is in the plans, but before it will be necessary to study the market to restructure its tariffs.

What provides for the new resolution of Anac

According to Anac, as of now, each passenger has the right to carry a volume of 10 kilos free in the cabin, provided that the suitcase respects the dimensions and restrictions stipulated according to each airplane. Those who need to carry a larger or heavier volume will have to adjust baggage to the rules of each airline.

Passengers who issued their passages before April 19 May remain calm: until this date, all the passages brought in their prices the right to carry 23 kilos in the baggage dispatched and 5 kilos in the luggage.