Advertising Lies In Mobile, Dsl &Amp; Phone

Unlimited, no additional cost and free: now the alarm bells should be ringing! If cell phone, telephone and DSL provider on touting, they access ever more frequently to not perfect means. COMPUTER image has taken advertising promises of the most important mobile, telephone and Internet providers under the magnifying glass and reveals the worst cases. unwanted options only one mesh: A cheaper price is actually advertised the offer but only with additional options. In a Saturn advertising

supplement Debitel cocky advertises its mini-S prepaid tariff with a monthly base price of 5.95 euro. But still the Jamster package for 1.00 euro in addition monthly. In the Talkline easy Saver fare with multimedia pack a distribution fee of unique 2.10 euro appears on the Bill unexpectedly (net). A fee of which was never the speech.

Bait advertising  even 1 & 1 hidden costs in the fine print and makes use of apparently favourable loss leaders. So the fare includes Surf & phone 16000 complete additional costs for a security package. This is free of charge for six months, fails but then with €4.99 per month to beech. The delete option is there, it is written, but so small, easily overlooked. The discounted price for the first three months should also stimulate thinking, as from 4 months, for the remainder of the contract period of two years, proud 33 percent must be paid 39.99 euros. offers a wireless plan without fixed minimum turnover for 4,95 euro fee. But even if not on the phone, is asked in addition to the cashier. Because in the fine print, a minimum use of one minute per day is required. Costs: from 19 cents, at least 5.70 euros a month extra.

Empty promises the phone House attracts actions with free cell phones then but not issued. The anonymous buyer of test by COMPUTER image should mobile suddenly 14,99 Euro pay. Other customers have been fobbed off with excuses.

, Renowned suppliers such as Arcor, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile also work not always seriously. So turns out to be himself for example Vodafone’s promise to the DSL connection 3 months free of charge test! as a sham. From three months of test two months are in the fine print, because must be terminated no later than four weeks before. ««««Who failed it, remains two years on the DSL contract bound. (Beispiele Stand: 02/2008) » SMS cost trap: the tricks of the dog » Advisor: the dirty tricks from the advertising brochure » caution: DSL-Flatrate with problems » DSL Speedtest: how fast is your broadband really?