Advantages that the Face-to-Face Purchase Does Not Have?

Purchase on line. A world of advantages!

We’re in the age of digital communication, and for the new generations social networks, on line shopping and sharing are things as common as television, phone … Data show that on line sales are growing 20% per year.

For those who weren’t born in the digital age and both had to adapt to this new world of technology today invades our homes, or rather, our lives, buying on line may seem a little strange.

However, be aware that this mode brings a lot of benefits that make the purchase in person, namely, physical stores, to shame. That view? So follow me!

  • Facility:Focus your time on what matters most, their sales. Make your requests without leaving home and without losing time, buy any time of the day, on line stores are open 24 hrs and 7 days a week. And still stay on top of trends and new releases receiving e-mail and accessing your supplier networks;
  • Shipping:can look like an extra cost for many, but today most online store has free shipping mode alugma, so keep an eye on companies that offer this service free of charge;
  • Variety:Today every company have some kind of sale online, be it a website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. The digital age is no longer an option for companies, and a requirement. Buying online you can search, analyze, compare prices and attributes of vendors who will choose;
  • Price: On line stores have a much greater competition, since in this mode there are no boundaries, and a your state store is a click from the shops of all Brazil and often in the world. The vendors who sell on line has a larger volume, has greater competitiveness, greater price comparison, the operating costs are lower than the traditional trade, and so the prices on line are smaller and more attractive;
  • Right to cancellation:This purchasing mode gives the consumer a right only, of repentance, that’s right, by the consumer law the purchaser may return the product within 7 days if not even like;
  • Reputation – today the transparency is a decisive factor in on line shopping, you can find on the Internet customer testimonials I’ve ever bought, sites with complain here, facebook comments, instagram, on the site and even in reviews of google. Indication is not lacking on the Internet.

I bet after reading this article the purchase on line has become even more attractive for you. Right?