About Compression Leggings

In these days of cold, to go running down the street, we have noticed that each time is more people with compression leggings, in fact in summer is usually not see so many people running with them, and the main function of these isn’t really isolate the cold far.

About Compression Leggings

The compression leggings they are a technical tubular-shaped garment, covering from the ankle to below knee. Its main function is the provide compression and veno-muscle attachment to the leg, getting so reduce pain and muscle overload.

I have personally used them in several Mountain Racing since they activate blood circulation increasing the amount of oxygen to make the effort, and in my case, on mountain races it is where most suffer my legs because, no doubt, to the constant changes of terrain and slopes. I had a bad experience in my first marathon of mountain when, after the race, I had an amazing liquid retention in the legs, which remained swollen for a whole week.

The plus size leggings that have been tested, are brand hoticle, a reference brand in the market of this type of clothing, dedicated to the preparation and improvement of veno-muscle compression technology. On their website they say which serve for any sports (running, cycling, swimming, Triathlon, raid, trail, hiking, golf, March, martial arts, tennis, football,…), for training, both for competition and also for the phase of recovery.

The compression leggings not only is recommended for athletes, they are also recommended for those people that are many hours standing or moving and end the day with legs tired, overloaded, or for people who swell the legs by flying or sitting long hours.

For use must take into account a number of recommendations:

  • Always use the size that is appropriate, since a child can brake even the circulation and greater loses its benefits, so it is best that you check with the seller.
  • We recommend hand washing but nothing happens if they get into the washer and are created to work properly until after between 150 and 200 washes.
  • Never put them in the dryer, or use the iron, even dry on radiator heat could break the fibers and leave them useless.
  • Contraindicated for people who are allergic to their materials and people with diseases of the skin or blood vessels. When in doubt always consult a sports doctor to be.