Abbreviation MP

The abbreviation MP means prosecutors or mobile phone, an institution with the task of defending the interests of brazilian society as a whole, with obligation to be nonpartisan, free and professional causes of their competence.

Abbreviation of MP

The Federal Constitution, in its article 127, delegated to the public prosecutor the defence “of the legal order, the democratic regime and social and individual interests unavailable”. Is an institution of fundamental importance in the judicial functions of the State.

The Prosecutor has the autonomy to organize its administrative functions and independence to manage and run your budget, subject only to the Constitution and the legislation in force.

The organs that make up the public prosecutor’s Office are:

  • Public Ministry of the Union (MPU), which covers the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office;
  • Ministry of Labor (MPT);
  • Military Public Ministry (MPM);
  • Prosecutors in the Federal District and territories (MPDTF);
  • Public Ministries of States (EPC).

Responsible for the Public Ministry of the Union and by Federal prosecutors is Attorney General of the Republic, who is appointed by the President of the Republic, after approval by the Senate.