A Laundry Room

Lanndry drying in the bathroom, washing machine that clutters the kitchen, the Ironing table which hangs out at the lounge… This permanent disorder weighs you more. The cure: develop a practical and functional laundry.

The laundry room: location

The laundry room is dedicated entirely to the laundry. It allows to Decluttering the bathroom or kitchen. Ideally, she finds his quarters in a small room in the basement. The noise and vibration of different machines not so bothering anyone. Other possibilities: a room adjacent to the kitchen or unused.
However, some constraints are to be taken into account in order to easily connect your washing machine, iron, and other electrical devices. First of all, you must have an a pipe of the sewage and water supply. Then, install plugs and especially a high-sensitivity 20-amp circuit breaker. Finally, your laundry must be a window or a controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC). These devices allow moisture and condensation.

Laundry: devices and essential accessories

The laundry must be intelligently designed for optimal working conditions. Essential, the washing machine and dryer enthroned there as masters. Your delicate clothes do not pass all machine. Think to cram a sink and a drying rack. This last element is fixed to the ceiling or on a wall. If you don’t enjoy a lot of space, bet for a retractable wire. Complete laundry, the ironing board classic or Murphy is at hand.

The laundry room: storage practical and ingenious

The laundry room, just like the kitchen or the bathroom, does not escape the optimization space. Choose suitable furniture, that fit the dimensions of your room and offer a maximum of storage. Shelves and cupboards can bloom from the floor to the ceiling. They welcome your detergents, laundry, your fabric softener or even your stain removers. If your laundry room is cramped, try sliding doors. Plan a work plan or a folding table to fold your clothes. Ingenious drawers can give you access to baskets. They will allow you to sort dirty clothes or store those waiting to be ironed. Free walls can to add hooks and hooks. Also remember to install a trash can. It is useful for throwing empty bottles, papers of the trouser pockets or even the dust from the filter from the dryer.

Laundry: solids coatings and resistance

Moisture is in the laundry room. Your choice of flooring and wall is oriented based on this criterion.
A clean sock fell on the ground and a water leak arrived quickly. The floor must be easy to maintain and durable. Bet on tile or vinyl. Little trick, ask before your siding underlayment to insulation. Side wall decoration, prefer tile, Acrylic paint or paper wallpaper vinyl.