8 Tips to Look Spectacular in a Bikini

Becoming dress well is key to hide our weaknesses. The power of a few good pants to hide those extra pounds is amazing, but unfortunately, a bikini does not lie. And in this next summer it is better to know what we can do apart from using beautiful sarongs for a spectacular figure.

It is therefore that following these tips from emergency can not only appear to have a good body, but in truth, to live it:

Gluten-Free Diet

The gluten-free diet delete not so healthy foods. Bread, muffins, cookies and cakes, foods that will not make you look these two parts the way you want. Like the sick of the Celiac condition, (gluten intolerance) or who have gastrointestinal problems or skin concerns.

Bye Bye Cocktail

Simply delete them. During the days before before going to the beach, it is probably good idea not drink beer or sweet cocktails that will increase your caloric intake.Remember to reach your goals, comes with certain sacrifices. Forget the mineral drinks and mojitos if you want a flat stomach.

It Ends With Inflammation

Not to be abotargado best foods are: asparagus, lemons, cucumbers, parsley and chicory leaves. Eat as much as possible every day. You can eat them in salads or complement your meal with one of them as a garnish. And perhaps they are not so appetizing, if they will do wonders with your body.

Get Out Of The Gym

We are not kidding. Although doing 30 minutes of elliptical is beneficial to finish with the stress, and lifting weights can improve your physical condition, not make miracles. Leave your House, and runs. Get to classes of sppining or any practice that usually you consider very aerobic. If you want to show off your bikini, it is the only way to speed up the process. Climb stairs or jump rope during 6 days by more than 45 minutes a day. For best results, you can try to do it in a bikini as motivational image.

Still not has come to a conclusion about the required amount of water we must drink a day to improve our health. Meanwhile, takes much. Drink 2 liters of water per day in combination with teas or coconut water may sound more appealing to you. The water helps to eliminate liquids and toxins.

You Practice The Position Is Extended Step

Very apart from aerobic, exercise, there is a position of Yoga that it is worthwhile to try. Inhale and stretch the legs backwards, holding the body with the vamp on the ground, on the floor well outstretched arms and hands flat on the floor aligned with the feet. Hold the position for 30 seconds and rest. Repeat and hold for 60 seconds.

It rests. Now try bikiniwill for 90 seconds and imagine yourself in a beautiful bikini. After a few weeks, you will see the results during the holidays.

I Know Overactive

Not because one hour of physical activity a day to do it means that you can stay sitting in your office the rest of the time. Be creative and whenever you have a call get up from your Chair. You need stationery, stand up and get it yourself. Gives short walks every two hours where you can stretch your legs and walk a little.

Maybe not with all the exercises that we can create you will have the body of Gisele Bündchen, but what if you can have is your safety. Having self confidence does not age, or size. If still you don’t feel safe about your body, deceive yourself feeling you have it! until you make it!