7 Amazing Tricks for Your Bikini Photos

You do not have to pretend you’re going to the bathroom anymore and come back when you have your camera in the bag.

Is there anything hotter than enjoying a barbecue by the pool with friends?But then someone shouts “photo time” and his worst nightmare comes true.

You’re in a bikini, you’ve eaten a lot on vacation, the catupiry-stuffed edges of all the pizzas in the world are evident in your “corpitcho”.

But do not worry, you do not have to pretend you’re going to the bathroom and come back when you have your camera. We found the solution.

Network listed 7 tricks for you to look gorgeous in any photo. But before seeing the tips, it is worth remembering that the important thing is to feel good about yourself and that we, real women, are all beautiful!

1. Front, Very Natural

To do well in this kind of photo, you should worry about lifting your chin gently and straightening your shoulders. Now just smile and squander all this charm!

2. On The Back, Sexy Without Being Vulgar

This tip is quite simple: put your legs together and stand lightly on your toes, the pose becomes more expressive and you will appear taller.

3. Pose Of Model

To go out in the photo with that “I’m a model, my love!” Pose cross your legs, put one hand on your waist, let your back straight. This pose will be very secure in the photo, in addition to you look like a very “phyna” girl.

4. Diva Lying Down

On the chaise lounger, lean your head on your hand or lightly lift your body (do not lie looking dead), let your knees together. You can feel like a diva, baby, you are!

5. Pro Profile Instagram

If you are going to post this kind of photo to cause a frisson in social networks, be careful not to get hump. Bend one knee slightly, position your hand safely, without letting it sag and lift that girl body!

6. Sitting

Do not bend over when taking a picture. In fact, do not bow ever! The posture is bad for the spine and the body is very ugly. Cross your legs, straighten your shoulders and smile.

7. Pro Face Profile Photo

If it’s a close-up photo, it’s best to move the camera away to get some of the body showing the silhouette. Let the chin lift slightly. How much tanned this little princess deserves, eh? Tell us at Themeparktour.