6 Tips for You to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life. However, first-time mothers may have many questions about pregnancy. Some women are also more anxious with the news of this period that generates several changes in the body. Will I be able to lose weight then? I have to eat a lot? I can do physical exercises? Are just a few questions that pregnant women have during pregnancy.

Thinking about it, I selected 6 tips for a healthy pregnancy which will help you a lot in that period.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy
Beware of Vaccines: Every woman needs to go to the gynecologist once a year to make the Pap smear. In addition, to avoid problems it is essential to take all necessary vaccines before pregnancy (especially against rubella and hepatitis B). That way you can avoid complications during pregnancy.

Do Prenatal Care and All the Tests: One of the tips for a healthy pregnancy is to make the follow-up prenatal care to prevent complications. This attitude is very important, because the likelihood of a premature baby is born without prenatal monitoring is of 40% versus 5% when the woman does the follow up with the doctor. In addition, pregnant women also need to perform routine tests that are critical to each trimester of pregnancy.

Weight Control: Even during pregnancy, women should not let concern about the scale of hand to avoid complications during pregnancy. Therefore, if you are already pregnant or want to stay if you have excess fat you need to make an effort to lose weight. Who is also underweight also need to make a healthy diet to increase muscle mass.

However, it is worth remembering that as the belly grows, the pointers of the scales also begin to increase. But not to take any chances, you have to be vigilant, because ideally, fat 9 to 15 kg, throughout pregnancy. Care must be taken not to over weight recommended by the doctor, because after the baby is born is harder to lose the extra pounds and you still can develop health problems such as increased pressure and suffer infections.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: There aren’t many dietary restrictions for pregnant women. However, to follow the tips for a healthy pregnancy need to consume more foods rich in more protein, iron and calcium in addition to avoid fat. In other words, the ideal is to maintain a balanced diet throughout pregnancy. In addition, it is also recommended to ingest more food rich in folic acid (vitamin B9), because this vitamin reduces the chance of the baby having neurological problems.

Practice Physical Activity: Practice physical activities in pregnancy is also very important to maintain health. However, not all activities are suitable for pregnant women, so the ideal is to seek the guidance of the doctor before performing any physical exercise.

Careful with Cigarettes, Alcohol and Caffeine: Among the tips for a healthy pregnancy care must be taken with the consumption of alcohol in this phase to avoid problems. While a glass of wine or a chop from time to time are not considered an abuse, there is an amount considered safe. Coffee should be consumed in moderation, at most two cups a day, because excessive caffeine may increase the possibility of abortion.